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Check this out..its so sweet! What turned out to be an accident became the talk of the social media:

In the middle of a Vancouver riot, a couple was photographed to be kissing in the middle of the scene, but it turned out to be just an accident. Yet, i have to admit, it was a pretty artistic photo.

Identity of the Kissing couple revealed.

Source: “The identity of Vancouver’s famous kissing couple is revealed”

Hi guys, click here to read the interview by the ST’s Director’s Club with me on the video “Sanrio Loves the World…”

It takes four years to identify an amateur video from an expert video. But it is effortless to deliver a timeless message. =P

♥♥♥The makings of a wonderful economist…♥♥♥

My proud video made years ago:

Click here to see the video!

This video was once voted the most viewed and most liked video by the Sanriotown community. Its pretty simple yet meaningful…it just shows how my thoughts per se haven’t changed much regarding these issues. So sad to see that the humanity haven’t really changed much in terms of moral development, issues years ago were not really solved, yet we now have the growth of commercial industry…We might have the latest Apple technology, own the hottest fashion, but what exactly could we do to make a world a better place for those who are left behind globalization?

Its so funny how people grow so quickly…

I for one, am a living evidence…

I stumbled upon this dear blog of mine which I kept running until quite a few years later…

and whoa, man, were I great at coding! Unfortunately, I forgot everything about the codes! Now I shall have to study them all over again for me to keep my new blog posts colorful and vibrant..

It is so interesting to see, what my interests were years ago compared to my interests now,.kinda funny.,kinda nostalgic..,but yeah that’s life., so get over it.

However, in order to preserve the memory, as well as living it all up again, I am posting this as a come back. (and yes, for a “special person” who I told to visit this page, you are super lucky to be part of this big thing! Hah! )

Anyway, for those who want to know me better, read on! and don’t forget to read the previous posts by clicking on the link below this page.

[P.S. Don’t insult my page by having your FB account open at the same time.  You know who you are. ♥]

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Mother’s day is coming!this is the day for all our Loving Mothers, the day we freely and fully express our love for our beloved mothers and express our passion towards them.

many are thinking, what might be the best gift for mother’s day??
flowers? something they desire? books? something handmade will be sweet and true, but anything will be nice if you give it with a kiss and hug with your greetings” Happy Mother’s Day”. Hey, the thought is what matters most!

anyways, here are Hello Kitty Bouquets i found on the net, but i think that they are only provided in Japan or online, if you must.

I think they are purr-fect! so sweet and beautiful, yet so caring!
it’s just like saying…

“I Love You Mom!”






sooo cute and pleasurable~

really want to see one and buy one! ^~

kawaii L

Wew., its been a long time since I made my last video..^^
and here’s my new one.
My best friend Jessica, had a “L”(from the anime “Death Note”) toy.
While strolling at the mall, she found a huge bread from “Bread Talk” that looked a lot like a chocolate chip cookie then it occurred to her to have a photo shoot of the two very kawaii things together.

She shared the pictures at her multiply site.

Thus, this video was born.

This is very kawaii so please enjoy it! ^^
** Thanks you Mochi chan!!

All our lives,from the moment we saw the green color of trees and the wide blue sky, there was always one question popping up in our minds—.”WHY?”…


till now, I still have the same question in my mind…different topic, but still the same question? I actually have the same one all the time.


i keep asking why.,but why do I never get the answer?
It keep repeating itself…every time i think hard..
i just end up with “why”.

Its the same with life.,there are so many things happening in our lives, we might never know the reason, but still we live on..striving hard to understand..that maybe, just maybe, one day, we will realize and be able to fully understand the answer…one day..but who knows when that will be??

I just realized…that its actually useless to just think and think of the answer..
thinking of it too much will just get you drifted through the time until you will just realize that you wasted so much time thinking, you missed tons of opportunities that will help you know the answer..


don’t think too much..

let things be..

then LIVE..

don’t forget the last one..
because some people just though too much..
that they forgot what really matters..
that they forgot how they lived..
and how to live..
we keep on saying things over and over again..
as if they’re tongue twisters..

we memorize all the famous quotes and sayings..
but do we really know what they are about?

knowing without believing is but not knowing..

(P.s. AM back to blogging!)

I don’t want to think anymore..


Now that it’s all said and done,
I can’t believe you were the one
To build me up then tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath.
I fell too far, was in way too deep.
Guess I let you get the best of me.
You took a hammer to these walls,
Dragged the memories down the hall,
Packed your bags and walked away.
There was nothing I could say.
And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should’ve started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought to doubt you;
I’m better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I’m slowly getting closure.
I guess it’s really over.
I’m finally getting better.
And now I’m picking up the pieces
And spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you….

Polar bears are in trouble. The melting of the Arctic is killing them. Some are already starving and drowning. If global warming is allowed to continue, the Arctic will be entirely ice-free during the summer, dooming polar bears to extinction.
The Bush administration has stalled a decision on whether protect the polar bear while it rushes forward with Arctic oil and gas leases. But now a federal judge has ordered the administration to make a final decision by May 15th.
A positive decision will immediately protect polar bears, setting the stage for protecting their habitat and developing a long-term recovery program. A negative decision will consign them to extinction.
Which will it be? Please sign the petition below urging the Secretary of Interior to list the polar bear as an endangered species and to protect its habitat.
With your help, we’ll deliver 60,000 signatures to the Secretary on by May 15th.


The petition is located at: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2167/t/5243/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=1178

♥♥♥:Dream a better dream…and work to make it real:♥♥♥

♥♥♥Everyone has dreams, there are dreams that we often forget as soon as we wake up in the morning. Some had us lightheaded in our mornights. And some, just made us feel indifferent. Strange, but most of the time, we are always the leading roles in our dreams, it’s like a soap opera, only that it needs to end the moment you oen your eyes, but never like a series in everytime we dream.
How i wish it’s like that.Have you ever felt like you just wished for your dream to come true?♥♥♥

♦♦♦But often times, we think that it’s too good to be true.
Sometimes, we use our dreams to escape from reality; thinking that our everyday lives are getting boring.
Have you ever dreamt like you’re a princess, alongside your prince-charming and you felt like your losing him..and just told him to stay with you..♦♦♦

◘◘◘…You just gave on..to his arms..and started crying..◘◘◘


○○○…It was such a good dream!!…○○○

…Why does it have to end!!T_T…


No matter what we do, it’s like, “Dreams are dreams..”

But don’t you think that we can create a better realit using our dreams just by working hard for it?

I do think that often times, we give up easily, thinking that we’re just…and we can’t…

Dreams are what made us stronger.

Dreams are like wake-up calls for us to believe in ourselves, telling us to do something rather than thinking that its ToTaLLy ImPoSsIbLe!!

I have a dream too.

And i admit, I was weakened by mere excuses thinking that they were reasons..

I want to work real hard for it. And feel good achieving it. Knowing that I’ve worked hard for it. I want to achieve something that whenever I look at it, I’ll say:

“…This is the fruit of my hard work…”

It feels reAL good, ne~

It’s rather like saving up for something that you really wanted and end up using i for another thing..but it was a good reason, at least, a better one…

We always dream for ourselves. Neverminding that there are people who moves in our world and life.

We always wanted to make world a better place, but what do we do? We end up being selfish…I know, it’s hard to give everything we’ve got…

But we can still make a change, if not on the whole world, then on the world you’re living in…

We can do anything just as long as we are really determined to.


♥♥♥:Dream a better dream…and work to make it real:♥♥♥

Here’s a song…

I am a dreamer,
A hidden power…
In my world,
Dreams and love and anxitey are established.
But with creation,
People don’t die: They are hidden.
So Face towards the crisis Sky,
So that you look right at it!
Be Familar with it,
Wish for it,
Believe in it,
So That your voice wont become traped,
So that you can sing of that miracle!
Of your entire heart with it,
It will be enough to make that sound!

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