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“May the odds be ever in your favor.” Hey Guys! I finished the Hunger Games book and it was SHAMAZING!! I also watched the Hunger Games Movie……..IT WAS AMAZING TOO! I totally recommend you to watch it or read the book…….or just do both!

Hey Everybody! Its been a SUPER long time since I havent posted. So, I decided to post something for u guys :) Here are some questions for u:
1. What kinds of blog posts should I do?
2. Do u think I should show my polymore clay charms? (they are kawaii)
3. Should I post a tutorial video on how to make any of my polymore clay charms?
All u have to do is comment down below in the comment box what u think I should do, its as simple as that!

in my summer vacation i went to otay ranch mallĀ  for my parents anniversary and i went to the theaters to watch the karate kid by jaden smith and jackie chan and it was a very cool movie but i cant tell you the parts of the movie because you need to watch it hope you like the movie.

Me singing “The Climb” - Miley Cyrus

Me singing “Tomorrrow” - Annie

If you want to see more click this link;

Your Superhero Name is The Nuclear Demon

Your Superpower is Undead

Your Weakness is Jealousy

Your Weapon is Your Water Bombs

Your Mode of Transportation is Llama

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The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don’t Talk About Blogthings

Your True Love’s Name Is Todd I.

Now you just have to find this person!

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Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!

You Have an Idealistic Heart

Your heart craves true love. You may wait a long time for it, but you’re willing to wait.

You have an idea of what love should be like, and you’re not about to settle. You want your heart to be genuinely happy.It’s likely that your heart has been broken quite a bit. Your heart is easily disappointed.

It takes a long time for your heart to heal. You never forget the wounds that have been inflicted on it.

The Hand Drawn Heart Test

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Your Native American Name Is: Awendela Papina

Your name means: Morning Vine Growing Around an Oak Tree

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