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Lyrics and Sources Info

Photo above belongs to runmia_run.

Disclaimer & Notes
This blog’s name is that of a song from the Shugo Chara! anime. Which I claim no ownership over.

Translations of lyrics on this blog are done by me unless noted otherwise. (The original) lyrics are the property of the respective artists, companies, and songwriters. If you want to use my translations, I’d appreciate it if you asked me first or at least provide a link to the post you got the lyrics from. Opinions are my own, unless it is a quote of some sort.

Unless otherwise stated, all images, logos, trademarks and related materials that appears on this personal blog are properties of their respective owners. They are solely used for purposes of entertainment and viewing pleasure. They are NOT for profits at all or intending to harm any copyrights. All the text that forms part of this Blog is the property of the Author unless of course, it is otherwise mentioned.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

—Recommended Sites—
If you are looking for other J-pop lyrics or songs from anime, I recommend the following websites/blogs that have proven to me to be quite reliable:

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Uta-map (うたまっぷ 歌詞を無料で検索表示)
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歌詞情報 - goo 音楽

Japanese Dictionary
Excite翻訳 (in Japanese)
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