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by meikyuubutterfly

This song was used in the 25th episode (second half) of the anime.


粉雪が空から 優しく降りてくる
手のひらで受け止めた 雪が切ない
どこかで見てますか あなたは立ち止まり
思い出していますか 空を見上げながら

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Red String
Vocals: Suara
Lyrics: Sutani Naoko
Composition: Matsuoka Junya
Arrangement: Matsuoka Junya

You’re always kind to me
That kindness keeps me worried

Like a string of fate that can’t be undone
It’s binding us again and again

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WHITE ALBUM 2nd Opening Theme - Mugen

by meikyuubutterfly

WHITE ALBUM, now as of Autumn 2009, is airing the second half of its anime adaption, having aired the first half from the beginning of January to the end of March earlier this year.

Mugen has a very catchy and grasping tune to it, but personally, I prefer ‘Shin Ai’; the first half’s opening theme.

Vocals: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
Arrangement: Fujita Junpei

For now, you may rest inside of me
Please don’t go anywhere…

I’m searching for a star that won’t mix
With the ultramarine night that wavers in the abyss of my nap
You yearn at my fingertip, I wander into darkness
Struggle and you can’t pull me out; drowning in the sea of love

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ガラスの華の歌詞をこちらです(日本語)。 Garasu no Hana was also used as an insert song in the 7th episode of WHITE ALBUM. This song has a very ’90s J-POP feel to it.

Glass Flower
Vocals: Mizuki Nana as Ogata Rina
Lyrics: Yuri Izumi
Composition: Fujima Hitoshi
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi

We can’t go back to being friends
Because I was quietly charmed by you all in one second
In the dreams I carried when I saw the wind
You were right in the sunshine

When you gazed at me and unintentionally eluded me
My heartbeat hurries

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Like the Falling Snow
Vocals: Suara
Lyrics: Sutani Naoko
Composition: Kinugasa Michio
Arrangement: Kinugasa Michio

I’m worried about you, who acts like a loner
Although the bluffing me is more, more lonely

I think it’d be okay if all of my memories with you
Would be erased like the snow, dyed pure white, but

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