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More correctly known as the ending theme for the anime’s 12th episode.

Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: Nishida Megumi
Composition: Watanabe Takuya
Arrangement: Masuda Takeshi

Here’s my heart, no need to worry
The stars above, shine bright in the night
Just call my name if you’re feeling blue
Cheer up, I’ll be with you
Here’s your heart, I’m not feeling lonely
We can make it, hope our dreams will all come true
Go on, smile for you and me

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Dear My Friend -Towards the Future Yet to Be Seen-
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: Haru Kazufumi
Composition: Watanabe Takuya
Arrangement: Okubo Kaoru

Dear My Friend
Every day & night Always be with you
Dear My Friend
Every day & night Always be with you

It’s still not enough for me as it is, even if I talk to you
The sunset glow dyes the town

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only my railgun

放て!心に刻んだ夢を 未来さえ置き去りにして
限界など知らない 意味ない
この能力が光散らす その先に遥かな想いを

歩いてきた この道を 振り返ることしか

暗闇に堕ちる街並み 人はどこまで立ち向かえるの?
加速するその痛みから 誰かをきっと守れるよ

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