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4th Ending Theme for the Soul Eater anime. And no, I did not translate this.

Vocals: abingdon boys school
Lyrics: Nishikawa Takanori
Composition: Kishi Tushi
Arrangement: abingdon boys school

Your dry lips appear to be frozen, so expose them to the sun
Overflowing tears drip from radiance, they keep following me
I was searching for you merely in the hopes of making up for this meager place
In our touching fingers, we collect only our inherited pain

If the wish I have deep in side my heartbeat is my fate
Then the memories I left behind and your lost face even now, remain as they are…

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Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON

by meikyuubutterfly

Used as the second opening theme for Soul Eater. Corrections made by Atashi.

Vocals: Tommy heavenly6
Lyrics: Tommy heavenly6
Composition & Arrangement: Chiffon Brownle

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
Holding my breath
I’m waiting on a Deadly Night

Don’t Scary, because the pumpkin coach
That the witch drew
Can be seen in your eyes

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