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Thank You ~With Great Gratitude!~
Vocals: Shugo Chara Egg!
Lyrics: Kawakami Natsuki
Composition: Harada Nao
Arrangement: Harada Nao

Surely my own self can ‘become different’
Than it was yesterday, with a hop, a step, and a jump!

I grin, I get mad, I rage, it’s troublesome
I’m in a clutter day after day since I’ll meet with you
I’m in excitement day after day since I met with you
I slip, I fall down, but that’s fun too
Incidently, up to now there are words that I couldn’t say neatly

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Our Songs
Vocals: Buono!
Lyrics: Miura Yoshiko
Composition: Tsunku♂
Arrangement: Nishikawa Susumu

Now is the moment to dash out already
Even if you’re troubled by nothing
Nothing will start, a song on my lips
C’mon, something’s waiting
It knocks on the door of this world
I’m sure it’s us, who decide so!

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A Song of Courage
Vocals: Ito Kanae as Hinamori Amu
Lyrics: Saito Megumi
Composition: Di’ll

Lalala, let’s sing let’s sing
Raise your face to your heart’s content
Let’s sing

You can’t give up
There’s nothing you can’t do

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Translated on {Words of Songs}.

You can download the song from Sendspace here.

Vocals: Black Diamonds (Mizuki Nana as Hoshina Utau)
Lyrics: PEACH-PIT, Saito Megumi
Composition: Seiya Kenya
Arrangement: Uesugi Hiroshi

Tell me your greatest wish
-The thing you want-
You’ll have try shouting with a greater voice
As you can strongly feel the earthquake of the volume

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MY BOY (マイ・ボイ)

君のなやみ気づかず そう 悪かったかも…
全部打ち明けなくて モチ・ロン いいからね
暗い顔をしてから 暗いことを呼ぶ
重い気持ちのままいるの もったいないよ
Ride On!

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