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Basically this is a ‘vocal version’ of the pocketwatch melody “Lacie”. Manga readers of PandoraHearts might understand me when I say that the lyrics may be giving us a bit of insight into Glenn Baskerville’s and Lacie’s relationship, although the anime hasn’t really dived into that.

WAKANA and Kaida Yuriko provide the back vocals. Added Kanji lyrics (Japanese translation) of this song, from the OST2 booklet.

everytime you kissed me
Vocals: Emily Bindiger
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

everytime you kissed me
I trembled like a child
gathering the roses
we sang for the hope
your very voice is in my heartbeat
sweeter than my dream
we were there, in everlasting bloom

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Front cover

Find Me.
Vocals: savage genius
Lyrics: Aa
Composition: Okui Masami
Arrangement: Nishida Masara

Marmalade tea and biscuits on a golden afternoon
C’mon, shall we foretell the continuation of our dream with these scattered cards?

How many doors will open?
…Where is the thing we search for?

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PandoraHearts 1st Ending Theme - Maze

by meikyuubutterfly

I think I went through heck and back typing this out. o.o
A translation by minku can be seen here.

歌:savage genius feat.近江知永

…永遠不変の愛なんて 信じられるのかしら?…
甘い紅茶に溶かす ため息模様

もう 待ちくたびれたよ
あなたを追いかけて 堕ちるワンダーランド

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パラレルハーツ(Parallel Hearts)の背カーバー

フルバーション、FictionJunctionの新曲が登場!! TBSアニメ「Pandora Hearts」オープニングテーマ。

Parallel Hearts
歌:FictionJunction(WAKANA, KAORI, KEIKO, & Yuriko Kaida)




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Screenshot of the promotional image on the anime website’s front page: from left to right - Alice, Oz Bezarius, Raven (Gilbert)”Screenshot of the promotional image on the anime website's front page

This news came out like, a while ago, but I never thought about doing a post on it.


The December 2008 issue of Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy announced that Mochizuki Jun’s manga PandoraHearts is to be getting an anime television series that will air this year (on April 4th of this year), animated by studio XEBEC (who produced that excuse of an anime To LOVE-RU), with the soundtrack being composed by Kajiura Yuki. Promo Video is originally from here on the official website, which is still under construction.

I’ve been reading this manga since it came out back in 2006, and I’m very excited that an anime adaption is coming out so soon, so I hope that PandoraHearts will gather more fans around the globe from having an anime.

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