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Cold Finger Girl
Vocals: Kuriyama Chiaki
Lyrics: Asai Kenichi
Composition: Asai Kenichi
Arrangement: PONTIACS

The entrance to the town is decorated with cattle skulls
where the strongest guys can make the laws
But if it weren’t for tender feelings flooding the place
Everyone would surely cause a revolt and it’d soon vanish

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”Dream” ~The Yonder of Dreams~
Vocals: ViViD
Lyrics: Shin
Composition: Reno
Arrangement: ViViD/Takumi Masanori

Do not fear ”now”, trying to see something I can’t see in the yonder of dreams
Under the many hundred billions of sparkles, I found you who was searching for your dream

I do not look alone somebody cries world somewhere
Teach a meaning to live

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