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Notice how this song’s title can also be interpreted as a fan name for the pairing of the main characters, Kuronuma Sawako (黒沼子) and Kazehaya Shota (早翔太). Can’t wait to see how the second season of KimiTodo goes, anyone else watching? ^_^

Rustling Wind
Vocals: Tanizawa Tomofumi

Turning the completely white pages
The colours burst out
the scenery in a kaleidoscope

If I notice that the story yet
has only just awkwardly begun
I’ll take a deep breath one more time

The journeying wind
seems to push my back as if covering me

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Reaching for You…
Vocals: MAY’S
Lyrics: Katagiri Maiko
Composition: NAUGHTY BO-Z

Just for now, please don’t turn around
Dusk, the rustling wind, the distance I can almost touch
I could watch you, forever

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