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Kuusou Jetto! album cover

A Fantasised Place, On Our Own Roads
Vocals: marble
Lyrics: micco
Composition: Kikuchi Tatsuya
Arrangement: Kikuchi Tatsuya

When I first found you
A new scenery had spread
With light it illuminated
A future without promises surfaced

Together we gaze at
A sparklingly☆
Shining illumination
With a night when the stars shoot
The silver-coloured moon will lighten the light

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Alternate cover (Arihara Ayumi) for marble's Hatsukoi limited

Used as the ending theme for just Episode 9 of Hatsukoi Limited. and came as a B-side with the first ending theme, ‘Hatsukoi limited’.

Flutter in the Sky
Vocals: marble
Lyrics: micco
Composition: Kikuchi Tatsuya

Deep sighs spill on this day
Fumbling days,
Where will we go?
We walked along a road we don’t know

My fingertips print
Swinging words of a place I’ve forgotten

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First Love limited
Vocals: marble
Lyrics: micco
Composition: Kikuchi Tatsuya

Bursting limited, these thoughts
Won’t stop as they are anywhere

I can’t see my dazzling future
On this vague map
It doesn’t touch even if I reached out my hands

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Future Stream
Vocals: sphere
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Yamaguchi Akihiko

Smash! My excited heart wants to awaken
Let’s go to tomorrow’s unexpectedness
It’s not time to get lost so jump out

Start! Right now I’m a traveler
Going to the destination of my ideas I boldly drew on my world map

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