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Hakuoki Opening Theme - Izayoi Namida

by meikyuubutterfly

This was bloody difficult. I wish I knew more Japanese that was spoken and used during the Late Tokugawa Shogunate period. @_@

The Sixteenth Night’s Tears
Vocals: Yoshioka Aika
Lyrics: Yumiyo
Composition: Tanimoto Takayoshi
Arrangement: Ota Michihiko

Oh the heavenly wind, even the wings of time
My thoughts go to the sixteenth night…

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Hakuoki Ending Theme - Kimi no Kioku

by meikyuubutterfly

Memories of You
Vocals: mao
Lyrics: mao
Composition/Arrangement: Anze Hijiri

Flower petals falling, droplets streaming down my cheeks
Now I’m all alone in the scenery we looked up at together that day

I’m scared to recall it
I closed my heart and eyes
Over and over again I tried to erase them, every time you overflowed

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