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I think this song is written from Rin’s point-of-view and is centered around her bond with Shiro [and Archer].

Voice~The Place I Make My Way to~
Vocals: Tainaka Sachi
Lyrics: Tainaka Sachi
Composition: Yamamoto Yusuke
Arrangement: Koyama Kohei

An unrequited feeling, getting hurt day to day
I’ll feel like that, en route on the journey to my distant dreams

But I’ll feel like I’m losing to myself if I stand still here
The night I was tightly biting down on my lips
Someone’s voice I heard began echoing the moonlight
That voice has pierced and moved me

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Vocals: Tainaka Sachi
Lyrics: Haga Keita
Composition: Kawai Kenji
Arrangement: Masanori.T

What do people think about when they’ve reached the end of their dream?
Before long, that time will come and what kind of face will I have?

If someone else betrayed me, even if it’s not necessary
I won’t forget what I chose for my very self

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Vocals: Tainaka Sachi
Lyrics: Haga Keita
Composition: NUMBER 201
Arrangement: Miyazaki Ayumi

Even if I rely on someone, it’s not something I yearn for
I quietly abandon my feigned self just as it is

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