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Used as the theme song for the Japanese film “Yomei 1(I)kkagetsu no Hanayome” (余命1ヶ月の花嫁). Probably one of my most favourite Japanese songs that have been released this year.

If Tomorrow Comes
Vocals: JUJU with JAY’ED
Lyrics: JUJU/JAY’ED/Jeff Miyahara
Composition: JUJU/JAY’ED/Jeff Miyahara/RYLL & couco
Arrangement: Jeff Miyahara

Please don’t say goodbye unfazed
Even when I close my eyes on a journey, they always reflected you

If tomorrow comes I won’t need anything, simply you alone
Because I want to have laughed, always

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Theme song for the Japanese film “Manatsu no Orion” (真夏のオリオン; Orion in Midsummer) also known as “Last Operations Under the Orion”, a war drama. 漢字の歌詞

It’s a really pretty and soothing song.

Wishing Star ~I wish upon a star~
Vocals: Itsuka
Lyrics: Itsuka & Okamura Ion
Composition: Iwashiro Taro, Maeda Kazuhiko

In the warmth or your arms
I’ll be surrounded by a sleeping night

I wish upon a star, on the way home
Guide me toward the steps
I wish upon a star, like I hesitated
They illuminate at my feet

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Koizora Drama Theme Song - Ai no Uta

by meikyuubutterfly

Song of Love
Vocals: Fukui Mai
Lyrics: Yamamoto Katsuhiko
Composition: Yamamoto Katsuhiko

The gentle wind always blows on the road
Such a thing as meeting you was fine
The small heartbeats of feelings overlap
I just wait for them to dissolve into each other quietly

Why do people yearn for answers?
Because I’m happy with this
I’m happy

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Otsuka Ai - Kurage, Nagareboshi

by meikyuubutterfly


This song came out in early September last year, but I swear. Summer 2008 had some of the best J-POP music that I’ve ever listened to. :L

Used as the ending song for a TBS dating series called Koisuru Hanikami (恋するハニカミ).

A Jellyfish, a Shooting Star
Vocals: Otsuka Ai
Lyrics: Ai
Composition: Ai

This far distance
As if every night
I want to see you, but I can’t see you
Somewhere there in my head

I wonder if I’m shifting a bit
Even in this starry sky
Do you also
Think the same way as me?

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Dream Catcher
Vocals: OLIVIA
Lyrics: Chazne
Composition: rui
Arrangement: kansei

My mind always remembers
The pieces of kindness
Embracing them in my chest

My heart binded by tears
Every meager moment
I’m yearning for a love that can’t be fulfilled

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