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There aren’t any printed lyrics in the CD booklet for Raggs no Chinkonka, strangely.
The kanji lyrics are taken from here.

Raggs Requiem
Vocals: Noria
Composition: Igarashi ”IGAO” Junichi
Arrangement: Oba Toshiaki

In the stars, in the snow, in my memory
I search for your footprints
An eternal peace of assimilation
Here are dreams en route

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The Answer in Your Eyes (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Noria
Lyrics: Noria
Composition: Igarashi “IGAO” Junichi
Arrangement: Oba Toshiaki & Nakagawa Kotaro

In the distance, there’s a forest of nostalgia in the scenery
That has the fragrance of tender snow
You cut off time and time again of your memories
Searching for a road to create

Even though you’re mad about your destiny
Before your eyes are blinded by determination

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Scarlet Fragments (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Suzuki Yuki
Lyrics: Kana & Noria
Composition: NAOKI MAEDA
Arrangement: Ryo

I heard your dried yelling voice
Unravel the darkness in your memories

When you always took the last answer, someone got hurt
Yes, you may have lost sight of what’s true and what isn’t
But in order to regain your radiance
You must cross over thousands of years worth of time

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