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Updated to the official lyrics~ this one I find a bit difficult, so I will probably be tweaking it up a bit as I notice mistakes.

My Secret
Vocals: Mizuno Saaya
Lyrics: Haru Kazufumi
Composition: Yamamoto Yusuke
Arrangement: Maeguchi Wataru

Can you keep My Secret?

Sparkling and shining mirror
What kind of way am I projecting myself upon it?

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Vocals: heidi.
Lyrics: Yoshihiko & Nao
Composition: Nao
Arrangement: heidi.

Even if it’s merely a little more, I want to sweep you away
I’ll catch you with these hands

Because you put on a very bold front
You seem to be trying to hide something again
Hey, it’s a definite premonition

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Tír na nÓg is a mythological place in Celtic/Irish mythology.

Paradise Lost
Vocals: Chihara Minori
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Kikuta Daisuke
Arrangement: Kikuta Daisuke

If my holy eyes would reflect pain
Will you let yourself turn back?
It’s a passion-releasing Trick

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Genesis of Aquarion
Vocals: AKINO
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuho
Composition: Kanno Yoko
Arrangement: Kanno Yoko

On the day of the world’s beginning, under the tree of life
Together we heard the reverberation of the whales’ distant voices

All the things I lost, all the things I loved
Holding them in my hands, where will I wander to in the present?

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I like this song very much. I miss Melocure~
Notes: Agápe means ”love” in modern-day Greek, amongst various other meanings.

Near the end of the song you can hear them sing ”Oh…Anata no ai ga hakanai” (Oh…Your love is ephemeral). I didn’t include that line because it’s not in the printed lyrics.

Vocals: Melocure
Lyrics: Okazaki Ritsuko
Composition: Okazaki Ritsuko
Arrangement: Nishiwaki Tatsuya

Would you call me if you need my love?
Wherever I could hear you
You leave me Agape
From the limits of power, Dive!

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