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Plenty of grit
Vocals: Hayashibara Megumi
Lyrics: MEGUMI
Composition: Sato Hidetoshi
Arrangement: Ohira Tsutomu

The raging wind slips through my hair
In your eyes that reflect reality

The newborn souls in the rift between light and darkness
Now is when I confront it once again

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Hello, Sanrio Town!

by meikyuubutterfly

こんにちはSanrio Townのメンバーたち。阿多氏の名前をチョー・メイ・フォンです、中国の女の子海外生活います。私は友達を作るが好き、だからねぇ、よろしくお願いします!w

Hello Sanrio Town members. My name is Cho Mei-fong, and I am a Chinese girl living Overseas. I love to make friends, so then, please treat me kindly and I hope to get along with everyone! :D

*Notes: “Herakuresu” can be translated to either Heracles (Greek) or Hercules (Roman), although the romanization from the Japanese shifts more towards the original Greek name. But then it’s up to you which one you want it to go with. I just went with Hercules because it’s the name used for the original English version of this movie.

Zero to Hero
Vocals: Muses (Takezawa Atsuko, Shiraishi Erika, Shibata Hozumi, Makino Mayumi, Fujii Yukari)
Lyrics: David Zippel
Composition: Alan Menkan

Bless my soul, Hercules!
It’s the birth of Greece’s number one idol
Wonderful, popular
He thrives to kill monsters
Until yesterday he was a zero, zero
From today on, he’s a hero
Everything has went well
That’s right, he quickly changed from a zero to a hero
Zero to Hero, it’s perfect!

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