Meg’s Monsters
Cute little animal things


Want something cute to put in your blog or forum signature?  Here are some cute things!

  • The SanrioTown forum doesn’t currently allow images linked from Sanriotown blogs (I think it’s a glitch they’re working on) so if you want to put an adoptable in your signature you’ll have to upload it to Photobucket (I don’t know what other hosts are approved by SanrioTown).
  • If you’re putting it in your blog in a post or on a page collecting adoptables, I think you can direct link.
  • If you’re putting an adoptable somewhere not on SanrioTown, save to your own hosting first, please.  I don’t know SanrioTown’s policy on direct linking.
  • If you want to put an adoptable onto a larger image, or put a pet name on it, or something like that, go ahead, so long as you don’t claim that you made it.
  • Linking back to this blog would be nice but not necessary.
  • Questions, comments, and suggestions can be emailed to me at


Bunny BlackBunny FawnBunny GrayBunny WhiteBunny Clover


Penguin BlackPenguin BluePenguin PinkTuxedo BlueTuxedo GreenTuxedo OrangeTuxedo PinkTuxedo PurpleTuxedo RedTuxedo Yellow