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About MegaRose

Hi!  I’m Megan and I’m 19, from Hawaii.  I draw a lot and write comics sometimes.  I have a weird habit of collecting things, I own a good amount of Pokemon stuff, Schleich figurines (the small detailed plastic animals you can get at hobby shops), My Little Ponies, some Littlest Pet Shop animals, and recently I got into Sanrio stuff too.  I only have a few sticker packs and maybe four plushies, but I like ‘em!

 My favorite Sanrio character is Cinnamoroll.  My LEAST favorite Sanrio character is Hello Kitty.  She is just way, way over exposed.  Also, she’s kinda expressionless.  She doesn’t even have a mouth!  But Cinnamoroll is constantly emoting, my two Cinnamoroll plushies are both making faces, one is sad with a tear going down his face (aaaaw) and the other is bright yellow all over and looks like he just ate something sour!  I also like My Melody.

Other than toy collecting I like Nintendo games and webcomics.

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