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Back again

Hey, guys!  Sorry to have been gone so long.  I do have some things to draw from the idea thread, don’t stop making suggestions!  I’ve been gone because my boyfriend recently moved in with me and we’ve been spending a lot of time together, so I’ve had less time to draw.

Today I’ve got this for you:

Purple Boof

I really hope people like it, because this is actually a redesign of an older character of mine.  Here’s her previous form:

Original Boof

She’s gone through a SERIOUS overhaul.  The original looks more like a cartoony version of an actual Zebra Dove, while the new version looks like a whole new bird entirely…  Is it good?  Bad?  By the way, her name is Boof.

 Hopefully I’ll be drawing more again…

3 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Says:

    Make them two different creatures!^_^ Both of them have distinct features to be considered as different birds. I know I thought they weren’t the same when I saw the pictures without reading your entry yet.

  2. Says:

    sooo cute!

  3. Says:

    Both are really cool !!!!!!!!! you have a great drawing talented I usually do paintings and drawings but not on my computer since I havent find a site that has a drawing feature .

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