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Once again, head to this thread if you want to make a suggestion for this blog!

 From lucreforte, three ideas:

“1) a winged reptile where 50% of it’s body is composed of bones and tendons, or,
2) a white boat with legs made of out fail, or,
3) a cross between a platypus and jellyfish swimming amongst stars/galaxies”


Bone Dragon


Fail Boat



“a polka dotted camel!” suggested by noo_noo

Spotted Camel

“an innocent big-eyed guinea pig with a baseball cap on!” by webkinzstyle25

Guinea Pig

I think they turned out pretty well.  You guys keep giving me great ideas!

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  1. Says:

    My favorite’s the guinea pig on this batch! He’s so adorable.^_^

  2. Says:

    All of them are adorable! Great job. :D

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