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Thread Ideas

Hey guys! Once again, if you have ideas you’d like to suggest go to this thread and post, post, post!

Tap-Dancing Pineapple

“how about tapdancing pineapples?” suggested by iheartbadtz

Winged Panther

“I think a winged panther would be pretty swell.” suggested by kamiomisuzu

 Purple Penguin

“an emo penguin with purple hair with pink highlights!!!” suggested by Lucky Star

So far I’ve been getting some good drawings out of your suggestions, guys!

2 Responses to “Thread Ideas”

  1. Says:

    Waaah! Tapdancing pineapples! My fantasy realized.XD

    Urm, okay. I’ll be quiet now.XD Seriously though, I love your artwork, as always.XD

  2. Says:

    I want the emo penguin! i want it!!

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