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Aloysius returns!


I was in a dinosaury mood tonight, so here’s another picture of Aloysius the Allosaurus!

5 Responses to “Aloysius returns!”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    He looks lost :P

  2. Says:

    Aw, poor Aloysius. He’s all teary-eyed - or lost.:P

  3. Says:

    Ha ha, am I the only one with a morbid sense of humor? I think it looks like he just found out what ‘extinct’ means.

  4. Says:

    Omg, hahaha!

  5. Says:

    “Extinct? Butbutbut…! That doesn’t make sense! I’m still here, you guys!!! I’m so confused.” *sniff*

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