The little engine that could
I think I can….

I shouldn’t have named them…

It’s Day 3 (already?) of the Happy Hearts event. I’ve finished all the quests that I know about. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the quests being given out one day at a time, but it’s actually working out better for me. I don’t feel like I have to be in-game all the time and rush through everything.


I’m also enjoying the new monster card drops! Not only do they sell for a lot, but now we can have more pets. There’s only one slight problem, I need more pet spaces. -__-  

GuyChompy McBitesalotGizmo

Guy is my cur. I forget where I got him. I might have kidnapped him from Grandpa Anthony. (Trust me, it was for his own good!) We have been on many adventures together.

Chompy McBitesalot came from the Monster Wrangler event. He may look ferocious, but he just talks about poop a lot. It was a happy, happy day when I found out you could turn off speech bubbles!

Gizmo is the fox and I got him this morning. He is by far my favorite. from Don’t tell the others! During FB my guildmates and I chatted about which monster we would get if they were all available. My top spot was the fox, followed by the skunk and the bee! I had forgotten this until someone with a pet skunk walked past me. I rushed to the skunks and slughtered away until I finally got a pet card. I figured I would get rid of Guy or Chompy to make room, only when it came down to it I couldn’t let either of them go. Do they still run away? I’m too scared to find out. I wish we had a little pet corral on our farms. That would be so adorable!