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I think I can….

Let’s wrap this up, shall we?

Woah, it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. If you’ve checked the about me page you’ve seen that I started school part time. Part Time school + Full Time job = no spare time! I had a few more things I wanted to post about the Christmas Founder’s Reunion and now seeing that there is going to be a Valentines Reunion/OB I need to hurry up!  from

from www.hellokitty.frSo let’s travel back to December. It was the final day of the reunion and luckily I had gotten everything done. I was prepared to take it easy and help anyone that needed to complete quests. Little did I know that I was going to be the one needing all the help. Surprise, it’s a last minute event (torture device?) called Designer Depot. Guilds can custom design t-shirts and hats which is really, incredibly awesome, but here’s the catch, you have less than 24 hours to get everything together. from Ummm, what? I’m going to be completely honest, it was horrible for me! I was the only guild representative online and I felt that put me in the leadership roll. I immediately panicked about everything that needed to happen. Our entire guild needed to make a group decision about colors and a design, except, there were only 4 of us online. We came up with a pretty basic design concept that the 4 of us agreed upon, but would everyone like it? Did we have time to wait? That’s how it was pretty much all day. People coming into the game and me having to explain the t-shirt thing over and over. Everyone having different ideas. People not being able to afford what we came up with. Plus, the pricing and rules were crazy complicated! I hope I did the math right! ::crosses fingers:: Then I had to stay on my farm most of the time so people could bring me money. (Not to mention I felt like I had to stay in game all day) I am most definitely happy to help my guild in any way I can, but these last minute things really get to me! I am a planner and organizer by nature, and this was chaos. Please HKO, no more!!! Give us time to make something decent! We (and when I say “we” it was me and whoever was in game and responding at the time these decisions were made) decided just to do shirts and save the hats for when/if they do this again. Our shirts are going to be light blue with a pink design. Our design is the word “cute” and a cloud (to represent our guild mascot cinnamoroll). Luckily Sej knows her way around photoshop and was willing to put some visuals together for us to vote on. Thanks again Sej! I know it must have been maddening!

Now the good thing about having to collect money meant everyone ended up at my farm. Which means this:

give me all your money!

turned into this:

House Party!

We all ran into my house and started taking pictures. This has got to be one of my favorite traditions, the last day screen shots! Hey Alesana, get off SaigeMorrow!!

and House Party 2

That’s better! ^__^ From here we decided we needed group pictures in New York. It took some of us a little longer to get there than others seeing as how some people had come to my farm from New York and some from Londan. I had come from Londan. from

damn the man, save the empire

We met up at the Empire State Building. I missed out on some of the fun due to my long cross country trek. There was a girl from another guild there. She came and sat with us, but never said a word. I wish I had gotten her picture!

Next we went to the ice rink in Central Park.

we're so cute! YAY!! A Sugar chan and Cricket screen shot. We have been real life friends for over 20 years now, so it’s always fun to hang out together. from

what's that smell?

I think the dinosaur just farted on us and ran away!

ooof, get off of me, i can't breathe!A few of us went to visit Santa and sit on his lap. He should probably come with a weight limit. We are crushing him!

Sometime during all of this I had to run all the way back to Londan to turn in the t-shirt money.

did i make it in time?

I think I was the last one because it took me so long to get there. GM-Zel was super nice.

I really meant 13 shirts!

Then it was all the way back to New York for more screen shots. I must have lost 5 lbs. from all the hiking!!!

Coming back from the Santa picture we discovered a massive group of people standing in a line,