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A walk through New York Part 2

made by ljuser creamiicandyI hope everyone had a nice holiday. I spent Christmas with my family and got loads of cool presents. ^__^ The one I’ve been using the most is my new Nintendo Ds. (hurray hurray) My students will be excited because I promised to bring it in (if I got it) and show it to them.

 Now on with the tour!

This is my favorite statue in NYC!

I cashed my paycheck and went off to buy gifts. I couldn’t quite figure what to get everyone, but I did my best!

  Pandaba loved the new skirt I got her. (him? I can never tell!)

we're rocking! I went to take Badtz his present and accidentally walked in on the dress rehearsal for his new show “Badtz Man Group.” Having heard about my unforgettable performance in “El Fromage” he asked if I would come up and do some improv with him. We had a lot of fun! He asked me to join him in performance once I had finished my quests. Wait? Quests??? What quests????

so excited by my pain! ”Oh yeah, there are tons of new quests. To boil it down, you’re going to need 120 Lemons, 120 Oats, 180 Strawberries, 120 Honey (watch out for those stingers), 90 meats, more copper and clay than you can shake a stick at and enough water to flood New York.”

” O__o This is punishment for all the complaints about Burry Balls, isn’t it?”

“Oh and I almost forgot, 1,250 pieces of snow. Merry Christmas!”

::passes out::

please sir, I want some more

“Ummm, excuse me sir. I need 1,250 pieces of snow. Would you min