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A walk through New York Part 1

made by lj user creamiicandyMerry Christmas everyone! A trip back to Sanrio Land was the perfect way to kickstart my holiday! I had a wonderful time. As usual, I took a lot of pictures but was too focused on the game to post them. Here is my tour of New York City!

badtz statue I stopped by the tennis courts to pose with this completely humble tribute to Badtz-maru. It’s good to see he has a level head on his shoulders and doesn’t think too highly of himself. ^__^

I also stopped in to see Pochi.

pochi makes me mad

Oh really? You don’t say. Pochi fancies himself a comedian…a gluttonous comedian.

meet the mets

It was a little chilly outside so I popped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to warm up. I enjoyed looking at the sculptures. My favorites were “A Panda’s Malaise” and “The Booger Escapes.”

Next up was Grand Central Station.

I <3 the clock!

“One ticket to Beijing please.”

“Sorry m’am, the trains aren’t running today.” 

::sob:: “I’ll never get those feathers to Lily!!”

With my travel plans on hold, I decided to do a little Christmas shopping.

woah, look at that bike 

It would appear that all the stores have the same name. That must be confusing for tourists. “Meet me at Badtz-maru. No, the other one, no the pink one. Next to the toy store, arrrg, why are they all named the same!!?!?!”

Man, I wish I had that bike to ride through Sanrio Land!

Get your tickets here. 

Finding myself low on funds, I went looking for a job. Luckily they were hiring at the Empire State building. I sold tickets, gave tours and worked the info. desk. Finally I earned enough money for Christmas presents so I quit! People can be really rude when they need information and I was only making minimum wage!

from www.hellokitty.frI’m just getting started with New York! To be continued in part 2! from

4 Responses to “A walk through New York Part 1”

  1. Says:

    LOL, love this post it is really funny. too bad I only experienced the reunion for one day :(

  2. ripplecloud Says:

    shudders… I can see world domination coming from badtz now that he has conquered NY!!! xD .. i never did see youz in the game cricket :P hohoho~ merry xmas!

  3. Sugar chan Says:

    LOL! i love you!

  4. Says:

    to victor5: I’m sorry your game time was so short! I wish they had the reunion a bit longer!
    to ripplecloud: I think I saw you (or at least saw you in chat form) at the big ending New York mob. Were you there? It got to be too much for my computer so I went to the ice skating rink. In terms of badtz domination, yikes that is scary! X’s and O’s all over! I am sad though that New York replaced Moscow on the map. (I think that was originally going to be Badtz’s city) I really want to see Red Square cuteified!
    to Sugar chan: haha! I love you too! Although, that video of your father singing terrifies me!!!

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