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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

It’s no secret that we needed a lot of snow during the Christmas reunion. I thought the snowmen were hilarious and secretly desired to plant them all over my farm. However, I’m not a terribly dedicated farmer so I only planted three.  I collected bit by bit and my guildmate, Astroasis, would bring me her leftovers as well. I went to thank her and to my horror discovered this!


She had raised a snowman army and by the looks of it she was recruiting!!!* Emi RUN! I had to get out of there quickly before the snowmen got me too! I raced to Alesana_Kitty’s farm.

you will join you will join you will join

As I got closer I could hear chanting. ::you will join you will join:: I became dizzy and lost track of time. When I woke up I had joined Alesana’s snowman army. She was preparing an attack on Astro’s farm. Knowing we were outnumbered, I sneaked away when no one was looking.

Once back I looked at my 3 snowmen and knew there was no way I could defend myself. Sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures. I had to raise my own army and fast….

this does not look pretty ”Mwahahahahaha….oh. Come on guys. Carl, this is serious!”

fear me! ::ahem:: “Mwahahahaha! My army will crush you!”

Unfortunately my army wasn’t very intimidating. Astro visited while I was afk and played amongst them. Perhaps I wasn’t clear on the definition of “crush them” during training.

*And by raised an army I really mean she selflessly continued to harvest snow once she was done with the quest and gave it to me. Astroasis is the greatest! ^__^ made by ljuser creamiicandy

When I put on my pants I like to danceHappy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope you have had a good 2008 and will have an even better 2009. Thanks to everyone in my guild, you guys are awesome, to everyone that has helped me in game and to those who come and read/comment on this blog! You have all made my 2008 that much better! ^__^ Have a wonderful (and safe!) New Year’s!!!S-A-F-E-T-Y Safety Dance

Break out the fireworks!

A walk through New York Part 2

Friday, December 26th, 2008

made by ljuser creamiicandyI hope everyone had a nice holiday. I spent Christmas with my family and got loads of cool presents. ^__^ The one I’ve been using the most is my new Nintendo Ds. (hurray hurray) My students will be excited because I promised to bring it in (if I got it) and show it to them.

 Now on with the tour!

This is my favorite statue in NYC!

I cashed my paycheck and went off to buy gifts. I couldn’t quite figure what to get everyone, but I did my best!

  Pandaba loved the new skirt I got her. (him? I can never tell!)

we're rocking! I went to take Badtz his present and accidentally walked in on the dress rehearsal for his new show “Badtz Man Group.” Having heard about my unforgettable performance in “El Fromage” he asked if I would come up and do some improv with him. We had a lot of fun! He asked me to join him in performance once I had finished my quests. Wait? Quests??? What quests????

so excited by my pain! ”Oh yeah, there are tons of new quests. To boil it down, you’re going to need 120 Lemons, 120 Oats, 180 Strawberries, 120 Honey (watch out for those stingers), 90 meats, more copper and clay than you can shake a stick at and enough water to flood New York.”

” O__o This is punishment for all the complaints about Burry Balls, isn’t it?”

“Oh and I almost forgot, 1,250 pieces of snow. Merry Christmas!”

::passes out::

please sir, I want some more

“Ummm, excuse me sir. I need 1,250 pieces of snow. Would you mind if I harvested some off of you and your little boy here?”

“Get away from us before I call Mr. Policeman. Quick, run Jimmy run!”

I realized that begging in New York is useless. If I wanted to finish these quests in time, I was going to need more money. A lot more! Going back to my job at the Empire State building wouldn’t be enough, so….

all your players belong to me now!

I kidnapped the New York Yankees and held them hostage! Once their ransom had been paid I was able to finish the quests and even do some looking around in the mall! I can’t wait until they have home furnishings in stock!

And what Christmas tour would be complete without a visit to Santa?

ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! ”Ho, ho ho. Have you been a good girl this year?”


“Really? That’s not what the Yankees tell me!”



made by ljuser creamiicandyI hope you enjoyed my tour through New York. I really did enjoy the quests, even if they were punishment! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had time to spend with your loved ones.


PS: This was just for fun, no Yankees were hurt in the making of this story! ^__^

A walk through New York Part 1

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

made by lj user creamiicandyMerry Christmas everyone! A trip back to Sanrio Land was the perfect way to kickstart my holiday! I had a wonderful time. As usual, I took a lot of pictures but was too focused on the game to post them. Here is my tour of New York City!

badtz statue I stopped by the tennis courts to pose with this completely humble tribute to Badtz-maru. It’s good to see he has a level head on his shoulders and doesn’t think too highly of himself. ^__^

I also stopped in to see Pochi.

pochi makes me mad

Oh really? You don’t say. Pochi fancies himself a comedian…a gluttonous comedian.

meet the mets

It was a little chilly outside so I popped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to warm up. I enjoyed looking at the sculptures. My favorites were “A Panda’s Malaise” and “The Booger Escapes.”

Next up was Grand Central Station.

I <3 the clock!

“One ticket to Beijing please.”

“Sorry m’am, the trains aren’t running today.” 

::sob:: “I’ll never get those feathers to Lily!!”

With my travel plans on hold, I decided to do a little Christmas shopping.

woah, look at that bike 

It would appear that all the stores have the same name. That must be confusing for tourists. “Meet me at Badtz-maru. No, the other one, no the pink one. Next to the toy store, arrrg, why are they all named the same!!?!?!”

Man, I wish I had that bike to ride through Sanrio Land!

Get your tickets here. 

Finding myself low on funds, I went looking for a job. Luckily they were hiring at the Empire State building. I sold tickets, gave tours and worked the info. desk. Finally I earned enough money for Christmas presents so I quit! People can be really rude when they need information and I was only making minimum wage!

from www.hellokitty.frI’m just getting started with New York! To be continued in part 2! from

Christmas in HKO!

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

 I am so excited about the Founders’ Reunion! 

made by lj user creamiicandy Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love the decorations, the holiday spirit, spending time with my friends and family, time off from work and presents (giving and receiving!!). So you can imagine how happy I am to kick off Christmas by returning to Sanrio Land! I believe my reaction looked something like this:

 from haha!! ^__^

I’m most excited that the Founders’ Reunion is going to have a holiday theme! From what I can tell we will be saving Christmas by going on holiday missions, plus the maps are going to be changed and have a Christmas theme to them! Not to mention the opening of New York and finding out where our names will be permanently enshrined.

With this happening it doesn’t look like there will be an Open Beta in December. But I’m hoping they will still have one sometime soon. I miss HKO when it’s gone, but I spend waaaaay too much time playing when it’s around. Hopefully when the game is officially released I’ll be able to manage my time better. In Beta I stay on all the time because I know it won’t be around forever, or at least that’s how I justify it to myself. ^__^

Anyways, here are some things I hope we’ll be seeing at the Founder’s Reunion:

New Clothes

nice and warm ^__^


badtz looks so cute!

and SNOW!

sooooo pretty

I forgot to warn you about my awesome MS Paint skillz! ^__^ HA!

made by lj user creamiicandy In order to get into the Christmas spirit Sugar chan and I will be baking cookies. I have cute Hello Kitty cookie cutters, so if they turn out well I’ll post pictures of our results! I’m also going to see if anyone in my guild wants to do an in-game secret santa. I thought about asking the whole forum, but I would probably get in waaaay over my head. I would love to do something across guilds, but it is probably best to leave big events up to the GM’s!

from www.hellokitty.frI will see you all in Sanrio Land soon! from