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My time in Paris…

A few days ago I ventured out of Londan and found myself in Paris. I love the city they have made in HKO and I especially love that I can go there and rarely meet anyone else. Figuring that will be changing soon I decided to take a tour and enjoy having a city to myself. ^__^

 First up, a scenic look out at the Seine.

The Seine

I see that Bagle and Scone are waiting for me in Paris. No doubt they will have tons of chores for me to do! I think it would be best if I avoid them on my tour.

Next stop, The Louvre

inside the Louvre

Look, it’s Grandpa Anthony! I call it “Portrait of a Bad Pet Owner.”

woohoo pyramid

Obligatory shot by the pyramid!

I popped into the Moulin Rouge only to be unexpectantly brought on stage by My Melody!!!

at the moulin rouge

Luckily, It wasn’t hard to pick up her moves.

I still had a desire to perform so I went to L’Opera. I enacted a scene from the infamous French play “El Fromage.”


Needless to say, it would have gone better had I remembered to remove my face mask! I will have to remember that for next time. ^__^

6 Responses to “My time in Paris…”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    I see Harinezumi!!!!!!!! :O

    Thanks for the tour ^_^

  2. bbegirl Says:

    I hope to be there soon!

  3. iheartbadtz Says:

    Man, I should check out Paris now, while it isn’t overloaded with people.

  4. Sugar chan Says:

    el fromage!! LOL!

    and i agree about grandpa anthony! he painted that himself you know. apparently the Louvre only has his paintings in it.

  5. Says:

    I KNEW you would love El Fromage!!! ^__^

    Apparently selling paintings is how Grandpa Anthony can afford so many pets!

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    […] for his new show “Badtz Man Group.” Having heard about my unforgettable performance in “El Fromage” he asked if I would come up and do some improv with him. We had a lot of fun! He asked me to join […]

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