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Hello kitty pet carrier

My pet Koffee had been stuck at home for a couple of weeks now because I have been so busy and haven’t had the chance to take him out to “socialize”. Just when I was telling myself I need to bring him out this coming weekend, I saw this cute Hello Kitty pet bag!! It even has a cute Hello Kitty cut-out portion where you can check your little pet  and give proper ventilation. :)

Hello kitty pet bag

Hello kitty pet bag opened

He doesn’t like the neighborhood cats too much. If i do get one, I hope my dog likes the bag…(hey, it’s hello kitty!)

2 Responses to “Hello kitty pet carrier”

  1. Zakura Says:

    Hmm..I sure can’t see my dog fitting in that, lol.

  2. Says:

    Pets get the best things. I wish I were a dog and my loving owners would put me in a Louis Vuitton pet carrying bag. XD

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