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Color Coordinated

Spring and summer bring about these lovely blooms…

Sweet-scented lavanders…

and these i dunno whats, hehehe…

It’s also the perfect time to wear colorful crocs!

But because clunky shoes aren’t exactly my style, this pair, no matter how cute, isn’t mine…


4 Responses to “Color Coordinated”

  1. Says:

    Have you seen the high-heeled Crocs? XD

  2. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    are there high-heeled crocs?? 0.0

  3. Says:

    Yup, yup! :D My sister just bought a pair. She loves it! They’re no longer limited to the chunky shoes. They also have pretty, dainty ones with the Crocs comfort!

  4. Says:

    Post pictures in your blog fairlady-z! I wanna see! :-)

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