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Yay! I got my Kuromi plush toys in the mail today so I can finally have some fun with my favorite little Sanrio character.

First my cat, Mittens, wanted to play with happy Kuromi.

Kuromi Adventure 1a

The sniffing made her ear tickle!

Thankfully one of my other cats entered the room and distracted the cute ear sniffer.

Kuromi Adventure 1b

Now happy Kuromi’s ear is free from the tickles.

After some more sniffing and playing, it was time to relax and enjoy the peaceful day.

Kuromi Adventure 1c

All of a sudden, a giant tiger kidnaps the Kuromi twins!

Kuromi Adventure 1d

That’s okay though, happy Kuromi charmed him with her smile and they all became good friends. ^_^

Uh oh! It’s time to eat dinner, but what does the Kuromi twins eat?

Kuromi Adventure 1e

McDonalds! I know it would make me happy too.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! As you can see I really do love Kuromi :D

4 Responses to “Kuromi Twins’ Adventures Begin!”

  1. ah! Kuromis! are you going to share your deliciousness which is Mcdonalds? XD

  2. mittens is adorable :) cute cute stuff

  3. Hahaha, I really love this post. The story, the Kuromis, the cat, food everything made me smile.

  4. Cool! My favorite picture was the McDonalds one!

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