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I’ve been using my camera a lot more and catching some interesting things ^^ I’ll have to remember to share them with you guys sometime! I just get so caught up capturing things that the sharing part gets difficult :P

Lightning Gif1 Lightning Gif2

I really love to stand by and learn the natural beauty of the world both in peaceful weather and nasty!

Name: Ly
Server: US/Canada
Total: 15 points

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 Please read the official announcement here first. :)

Math time! If you’re a higher level and not sure which tier to do, here’s a summary of what you’ll need to reach 40 points for each option. Again, please leave tier 1 to the low level players that cannot do the other tiers.

TIER 1: x 12
Dark Opal Basil x 420
Clover x 420
Cost: 0

TIER 2: x 8
Cherry Tree Wood x 800
Cost: $1600

TIER 3: x 7
Green Tea Leaves x 700
Cost: $1050 approx.

TIER 4: x 4
Veggie Tempura x 200

  • Broccoli x 240
  • Sweet Potato x 240
  • Carrot x 240
  • Magic Spices x 120
  • Flour x 200

Cost: $1960 approx.

If I’m not mistaken, I think tier 3 is the best choice for higher level players since with tier 4 you’ll still need 720 crops as well as the added ingredients and time spent cooking.

Here’s the map of Sanrio Harbour from the HKO Wiki to help new players find all of the Shamrocks and Dark Opal Basil plants:

If you’re not sure where to get the other items you’ll need for this event, please see the following wiki pages:

Water Can
Cherry Seeds
Green Tea Seeds
Broccoli Seeds
Sweet Potato Seeds
Carrot Seeds
Magic Spices

Good luck everyone!

Yay! I got my Kuromi plush toys in the mail today so I can finally have some fun with my favorite little Sanrio character.

First my cat, Mittens, wanted to play with happy Kuromi.

Kuromi Adventure 1a

The sniffing made her ear tickle!

Thankfully one of my other cats entered the room and distracted the cute ear sniffer.

Kuromi Adventure 1b

Now happy Kuromi’s ear is free from the tickles.

After some more sniffing and playing, it was time to relax and enjoy the peaceful day.

Kuromi Adventure 1c

All of a sudden, a giant tiger kidnaps the Kuromi twins!

Kuromi Adventure 1d

That’s okay though, happy Kuromi charmed him with her smile and they all became good friends. ^_^

Uh oh! It’s time to eat dinner, but what does the Kuromi twins eat?

Kuromi Adventure 1e

McDonalds! I know it would make me happy too.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! As you can see I really do love Kuromi :D

Jujube’s Angels

Situated above Sanrio land is a trio of women that have challenging jobs but are well-suited for the task. Literally, look at those cute clothes! The mastermind behind this sight of sweet glory? GM-Jujube! Here is a rare photo taken of GM-Jujube’s Angels. We have Souki, Ly & CC-chan all outfitted and ready to go!

HKO Japan Earthquake Aid Guide

For those of you who didn’t see it yet, please read the announcement here first.

Here’s a list of the donation items along with what you’ll need to acquire them and an approximate total cost. Each item is click-able and will lead to the HKO Wiki for more information.

Keep in mind you can donate as many sets as you want, but you’ll only get the Heart Teddy Bear for your character once.

Donation Items:

You Need:

Total: $3005 approx.

Notes: You’ll need to be able to get to Paris to purchase some of the seeds and have at least a level 4 farm as well as level 5 Planting to plant them. Veggie Tempura’s guide is from a Paris quest and will require at least level 6 cooking to produce.

Greetings from Vegas!

Me and Hello Kitty have a long-distance relationship. I don’t get to see her in my area but she’ll sometimes ship her products and her Sanrio friends over to me! This time, she came in the form of a t-shirt from Las Vegas, how exciting!

Here she is dazzling with the ring & necklace my mom brought back for me. She’s just like the beautiful shining lights of the city.

Kitty Vegas1

Here’s the pretty ring :D

Kitty Vegas2

Here’s the necklace \o/

Kitty Vegas3a

I have to admit you’ve impressed me this time miss Kitty.

Goodbye GM-Dewberry :(

GM-Dewberry Painting

I’ve met a lot of amazing people through Hello Kitty Online, some that I definitely see as what may be lifelong friends that have taught me a lot and helped me grow. Friends come in all forms and although some say not being able to get to know the GMs personally makes it impossible to become friends, I believe you get to understand a part of who they are with time and conversation.

I knew Dew for a long time now.. at least a bit over a year and he’s helped me through more than I can explain. His actions spoke clearly to me and I’ve witnessed his kind heart many times over. He didn’t just do his job, he did it well and with obvious care for the game’s future as well as the players.

You’ve inspired me to contribute more to the game and to stay strong through the harder times. Seeing you say goodbye to us is very difficult because most of my HKO experience has been with you around.. but what you’ve done for me has left such an impact that it’ll be like you’re still here every time I do the right thing.

Looking forward to your visits, take care and I wish you the best in your future. Goodbye, Dew.

HKO Valentines Items

The following is a list of Item Mall items you can purchase for Valentines Day!


  • Gift - 35 SCP
  • Romantic - 35 SCP
  • Adore - 35 SCP


  • Heart Angel - 115 SCP
  • Heart Couch - 90 SCP
  • Heart Clock -45 SCP


  • Heart Teddy Bear - 75 SCP


  • Valentine’s Day Shirt (XO ver) - 175 SCP
  • Valentine’s Day Shirt (HelloKitty ver) - 175 SCP
  • Valentine’s Day Suit - 455 SCP

If you want to purchase any of these items, just do a quick search! :) Hope you all had a great Valentines Day.



Yesterday was GM-Xachary’s last day on the International server.. and although it was very emotional, it was also fun just like him. I still remember his first day and shying away since I didn’t know anything about him yet. Over time I found how much fun he is and he taught me more about the game than facts. It’s important to remember to relax and just enjoy yourself with your friends.. it is a game after all.

You may not be online, but your influence will continue to help HKO reach its potential within the community’s spirit.  Goodbye… see you later, buddy. ^_^

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