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My daily ramblings, journals, roleplay, everything ’bout my life……and SanRio ^^

About Me =3

~My Personal Details~

Name: Ling-Ling aka Ranze

Age : 18 goin’ on 19

Occupation : Med-student

Shio : Dragon

: Quite Sensitive
: Love & Hate her own life at the moment
: Cheerful person, can forget her problems easily!
: Moody
: Playful
: Hardworker, perfectionist somehow

Shio : Dragon

Blood Type : A

Family : 4 person (my mum, dad, me & my bro)

Prefer to talk in: Indonesian, English, Chinese, & Hokkien

LuV :
: Musics. classical, pop, n jazz for sure

: Shopping. Yeah, shop ’till drop

: RO. retired already

: Harry PotteR. HP 7 for sure

: Sleeping. sleep is good to recharge your energy

: Hello Kitty. The Cutest Characters Ever!^^

: Shoes. I love ZaRa shoes & Noche

Hates :
: Arrogant person!!!. Damn hate this type of person!

: Being Ignored.

: Reptiles

: Animals (esp:Dogs). I hate dogs’ barks

Favourite Male Singer : Jesse McCartney, Craig David, Kim Dong-Wook aka HowL

Favourite Female Singer : Brie Larson, Katherine McPhee

Favourite Songs :
: Beautiful Soul -  Jesse McCartney

Hope Has Wings - Brie Larson

: 只对你有感觉 -  Fahrenheit ft. Hebe

タイヨウのうた - Kaoru Amane

전하지 못할 말 - J (제이)

Miracle - HowL

Favourite Football Player : Miroslav Klose, Bastian Schwensteiger

My Greatest Wish : Be a Good Doctor and Have an excellent career..!! *wish me luck* ^^