Today I wanna talk about good things, ok?!

First, a clip from a girl with a beautiful voice… And the video is soooo moving, so cute!!!! I can cry everytime I hear or watch!

Universe-Maaya Sakamoto

Now, one of the good things from my ex-job

the view:mil-coisas-421.jpg

Now one of the best things of life… good food :D

It’s a sushi I’ve never eat before, until… WOW it’s soooo good! Salmon sashimi, one green stuff that I don’t know how to say in english, but in japanese is horeenso, i guess… well look at the pic!


Now I’m hungry :D

Oh, and this is for Mel, thanks for your post!


…And i’m back!

Hey guys, how ya doing?

I’ve been far away… 400km away, working as psychologist at the municipal government of a city called Pirapora do Bom Jesus..there i’ve found that I really don’t wanna grow up… Why?

‘Cause there I have to work with the mayor’s wife, and a lot of times she made me lie … for? Well, it could be to help the poor young people of the city, but no, it was always to keep the money from sponsors at the bank account.. but I haven’t see this money being used for what it should be…

And so many things I’ve seen that I think is really wrong… then I got sick, mentally and physically… :( So I decided to get back to my hometown and quit the job… Now i’m unnemployed, but happy and i can rest at my bed..

Later I’ll talk more ok!

Now let’s talk about kitty! Here’s a pic of what I bought at my birthday! SO cute! I put yogurt :D so it’s pink :D


Hey girls! Sorry ’bout being lazy to post XD

But now I have something very important to tell you! I’ve finally got a job, and I need to move to another city so I can get this job!

But now that i’m going to work in a city and study on another (with 6h30 hours of distance XD) I don’t know if I can post here anymore….

anyway, i love this site, as soon as I can, i will post again, ok?

kisses 4 u all!!


Thanks Mimmy!!!

>Here she talks about being the Joker! XD LOL

I saw this post from yingdong

and it makes me remember about this cards, from my sensei’s cousin :D As you can see, I took this pic on a birthday party XD


Well, I don’t know which name people in other cultures use.. But here in Brazil 12 October is the day when the children get gifts! And since I’m a li’l kid I bought what? Duh! A kitty, of course :D

I have 2 dolls from this collection… Well, now 3! She’s the spring version, although here at my city the weather is more like summer! Summer at the desert XD


Now more kitty with fruits!

But this one is special because it was my boyfriend who gave me… but before we date.. :)

Maybe now she’s my favourite Kitty… :) kitty_watermelon.jpg

I Know that I promised not to publish more Happy meal’s gifts… but…. this month I got 2 Kitty DVD’s… (and one of them my boyfriend gave me XD) then I have to post it! XD

And I bought one at the shop too!

The village ones are cute, but here the dubbing.. is horrible!!! They’ve changed their names!

Like Badtz Maru is now Badiditz maru! And puripuripururin is pompompurin! XD They are crazy!!! XD Maybe on the next ones kitty may be called as Relo Citchi or something like that…. (in portuguese sounds almost the same XD)dvdskitty.jpg

All my kitty stamp makers! Actually there’s 2 more.. but they are inside one of the kitties I’ve already posted!

They pretty cheap, so I have a few… But one day I will buy a big box…. *.*

For this pic I used the stamp effect of photoshop XD  LOL


 Last ones, I promise!

This one is a little mirror and have post-its too! It’s always on my bag!



And open:


And this one is a stamp maker!


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