This year we celebrate 100 years since the first ship with japanese families came here in Brazil! there’s a lot of media about it, and the prince were here last month.

On the state I live there’s a lot of japanese, like 70%, including japanese isseis, nisseis, sanseis and yonseis..

Here’s a pic from Japan, at the time the first came here, with the idea that Japanese people could get here and make money by cultivating coffe or cotton, and then turn back to Japan  :


But that did not happen, so they had to stay here. Actually our japanese people are very integrated, and there’s a lot of  race mixing, but it’s been a long way…I am sansei, third generation, but I don’t want to marry a japanese… :S

My dad is very old, and he always told me I should marry a japanese guy, ’cause “we should have proud of being japanese, and not mix with the other races”, like we were superior or something.  I always disagree with that, so I never felt attracted to japanese… :D  My boyfriend is already a mix, and so will be my children (in the future… hauuhahuahuahuahu)

Now it’s the grandchildren of them who goes to Japan so they can work and bring money to their families :D

Later I’ll write more about it! 1725798.jpg

that’s Galvão Bueno Street, in São Paulo, the right place to buy japanese stuff! :D

6 Responses to “100 years of immigration”

  1. LOL, this dad business can get quite complicated at times. My dad only doesnt like indians and malays, and I still dont know why. I bet he doesnt know the reason too. I hope he likes whites because I only like white guys.

    Can someone please slap me for saying that?

  2. Why don’t you want to marry a Japanese? XD

    And I think I know what you mean. I’m supposed to marry a Chinese cause I’m pure Chinese.

  3. *Slaps Tingal LOLOL*

  4. So you’re Japanese! Hahaha! I didn’t know that! I thought you were a full-blooded Brazilian! Way cool.^_^

  5. Noo don’t slap her heauhhuahahha
    I don’t wanna marry a japanese ’cause I don’t feel attracted…
    Actually there’s no one 100% brazilian, ’cause we were a colony… so the only full blooded brazilians are the indians, but there’s not much of them…
    But, do you think I do not look like having japanese blood?! XD

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