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Hello kitty piccie

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

I drew this AAAGGGEEESSS ago.

I wonder what everyone thinks? All these links are the same pic, im just trying them all to see which one shows up. xD



hello kitty emmie draw


Lemme know what you think <3

Pandit event today!

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Today, we at the pancake bandits had an event! It was in floraopolis, and there was much rejoicing. xD We played Kitty says, and a word jumble including hello kitty characters. ((so everyone could understand.))

Prizes included an apple t.v, some petcards, some money, and rare food and drinks for all. We also got ourselves a new member. Kirke_nl. A big pancake bandit hello to you! And thanks for joining us! Shes a lovley new member and has already helped us build a lot of wowzers house.

The website has been updated In the forums! Check it out!


And my farm project is going well, if you ever need fruit and veg or such over lvl 4, let me know, so i can helps!

Also a pancake bandit hello to nori! Aframes boooyffrieeend. ((ooh! xD)) Who is also a new member. Thanks for joining us in our little game, and i hope we will do it again someday.

Peace out you guys!

Pixie x

Pancake bandits, we rule!! =D

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Today, Pixie is posting about TEAMWORK! Everything in the world is much better when you have friends with you ^-^ That includes HKO. I was gathering chestnuts with my friend, and fellow bandit wowzers3 today! She’s lovley. She got some sanrio points for signing up to that email deal you can get here. So she got the choconut house. And while on the subject, if anyone here needs lvl 4+ crops, let me know! I am doing a farm project, which means gathering all kinds of crops and things, to have them ready for you to use!

Me, bells, delafant, annsea, and icecherry have had a wonderful time at events. We all won! I love events, even when i get rare items, sometimes, if i dont need them, i give them away. i remember giving away the rare red kitty bow hat. The person who received it was very happy!

Aframe also mentioned me on the pandit website! I’m so happy. I’ve been promoted as far as i could be without being owner or co owner, im happy, but i help because i love it, not for reckognition. ((And for the great feeling you get in helping someone)) Hazel, also, i fyou are reading this, i hope you like your new pets. Everyone at pandits, I love you guys <3

So, today, I am gonna end the blog with a little about my favourite guild. ((Yes thats right…The pancake bandits!))

Pancake bandits are a guild made around helping other people, or being helped. We accept EVERYONE in the guild to join us <3 just post in the forum, or talk to one of us bandits when onnline if you would like to join, or post here, ill see if i can recruit you! Even if you dont think you can be very helpful, let us help you ^^ We are all about friendship and teamwork, so we are always happy to help!

Here is the pancake bandit website. ^^


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