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Japanese childrens tales #2: The magic teakettle

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

I don’t have the pictures to these, but if anyone wants to make some, I would love to add them to my blog post!

The magic teakettle:

There was once a priest who was very fond of drinking tea. He always made the tea himself and was very fussy about the utensils he used. One day in an old secondhand shop e discovered a beautiful iron kettle used for boiling water when making tea.
It was a very old and rusty kettle, but he could see its beauty beneath the rust. So he bought it and took it back t his temple. He polished the kettle until all the rust was gone, and then he called his three young pupils, who lived in the temple.

“Just look at what a fine kettle I’ve bought today” He said to them. “now I’ll boil some water and make us all some delicious tea.” So he put the kettle over a charcoal fire in a brazier, and they all sat around waiting for the water to boil. The kettle started getting hotter and hotter and suddenly a very strange thing happened: The kettle gre the head of a badger, and a bushy badger tail, and four little badger feet. “ouch, it’s hot!” cried the kettle. “I’m burning I’m burning!” and with those words the kettle jumped off the fire and began running around the room on its little badger feet.
The old priest was very surprised, but he didn’t want to lose his kettle.. “Quick quick!” he said to his pupils. “don’t let it get away. Catch it!” One boy grabbed a broom; another, A pair of fire tongs; and the third, a dipper. And away the three of them went, chasing after the kettle.
When they caught it, the badger head and the bushy badger tail and the four little badger feet dissappeared and it was just an ordinary kettle again.

“This is most strange.” Said the priest. “It must be a bewitched teakettle. Now, we don’t want anything like that around the temple. We must get rid of it.”
Just then a junkman came by the temple. So the priest took the kettle out to him and said “here’s an old iron kettle I’ll sell you very cheap, mr Junkman. Just give me whatever you think it is worth.”
The junkman weighed the kettle on his hand scales and then he bought it from the priest for a very small price. He went home whistling, pleased with having found such a bargain.
That night the junkman went to sleep and all the house was very quiet. Suddenly a voice called; “mr junkman, Oh, Mr Junkman!”
The junkman opened his eyes. “Who’s that calling me?” He said, lighting a candle.

And there he saw the kettle, standing by his pillow, with the badger head, and the bushy badger tail, and four little badger feet. The junkman was very surprised and said “Aren’t you the kettle I bought from the priest today?”
“Yes, that’s me.” said the kettle. “But I’m not an ordinary kettle. I’m really a badger in diguise and my name is Bumbuku, Which means good luck. That mean priest put me over a fire and burned me, so I ran away from him. But if you treat me kindly and feed me well and never put me over a fire, I will stay with you and help you make your fortune.”
“Why, this is very strange.” said the junkman. “How can you help me make my fortune?”
“I do all sorts of wonderful tricks,” Said the kettle, waving his bushy badger tail. “So all you have to so it put me in a show and sell tickets to the people who want to see me do my tricks.”
The junkman thought this was a splendid idea. The very next day he built a little theatre out in his yard, and put up a big sign that said “Bumbuku, the magic teakettle of good luck, and his extraordinary tricks.”
Every day more and more  people came to see bumbuku. The junkman would sell tickets out front and when the theatre was full he’d go inside and start beating a drum. Bumbuku would come out and dance and do all sorts of acrobatics. But the trick that pleased people most of all was when bumbuku would walk across a tight rope, carrying a paper parasol i one hand and a fan in the other. The people thought this most wonderful, they would cheer and cheer for bumbuku. And after every show the junkman would give bumbuku some delicious rice cakes to eat.

The junkman sold so many tickets that he finally became extremely rich. One day he said to Bumbuku: “you must get very tired of doing these tricks every day, I now have all the money I need, so why don’t I take you back to the temple, where you can live very quietly?”
“Well,” Said Bumbuku, “I am getting a little tired, and I would like to live quietly in a temple. But that old priest might put me on the fire again, and he might never give me delicious rice cakes.”
“Just leave everything to me.” The junkman said.
So the next morning the junkman took Bumbuku and a large amount of money and some of Bumbukus favourite rice cakes to the temple. When they got to the temple the junkman explained to the priest everything that had happpened, and he gave all the money to the priest for the temple. Then he said: “so will you please let Bumbuku live here quietly forever, always feeding him rice cakes like these I’ve brought and never putting him over a fire?”

“Indeed I will,” Said the priest. “He shall have the honoured place in the temples treasure house. It’s really a magic teakettle of good luck, and I would never have put it over the fire if only I’d known.”
So the priest called his pupils. They put the kettle on on a wooden stand and the rice-cakes on another stand. Then, with the priest carrying one stand, and the junkman carrying the other, and the three pupils following after, they carried Bumbuku carefully to the treasure house, and put the rice cakes beside him.
It is said that Bumbuku is still there in the treasure house of the temple today, where he is very happy. They still give him delicious rice cakes to eat every day and never, never put him over a fire. He is peaceful, He is happy.

The End

My cats

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

I have two cats, one is named ren, and one is named stimpy.
Ren is a boy, ginger, and reallllyyy fat like garfield! He has a very fat little booty and I adore it. :3

Stimpy is a slender tortoiseshell cat that reminds me of audrey hepburn. I imagine her speaking in french most of the time!

Word of today is “Ganbatte!”
It means “Go for it!” “good luck!” Etc, In japanese! :D
You pronounce it like this: “Gan-bat-tay”
have fun!

Hello all! I know a lot of japanese childrens stories, and I thought I might share them with you whenever I get the chance! So, here you go, the first edition of Japanese childrens tales: Momotaro. You may spot references to him in anime or videogames! (For example, my neighbours the yamadas, by studio Ghibli, Or me and my katamari. ^-^))

Once upon a time there was an old man and his old wife living in the country in japan. The old man was a woodcutter. He and his wife were very sad and lonely because they had no children. One day the old man went into the mountains to cut firewood, and the old woman went to the river to wash some clothes. No sooner had the woman begun her washing than she was very surprised to see a big peach come floating down the river. It was the biggest peach she’d ever seen in all her life. She pulled the peach out of the river and decided to take it home and give it to the old man for his supper that night. Late in the afternoon the old man came home, and the old woman said to him “Oh look what a wonderful peach I found for your supper.” The old man said it was a truly beautiful peach. He was so hungry that he said: “Let’s divide it and eat it right away.” So the old woman brought a big knife from the kitchen and was getting ready to cut the each in half. But just then there was the sound of a human voice from inside the peach. “Wait! Don’t cut me!” Said the voice. Suddenly the peach split open, and a beautiful baby boy jumped out of the peach. The old man and woman were astounded. But the baby said: “Don’t be afraid. The god of heaven saw how lonely you were without any children, so he sent me to be your son.”The old man and woman were very happy, and they took the baby to be their son. Since he was born from a peach, they named him momotaro, which means “Peach boy”. They loved Momotaro very much and raised him to be a fine boy. When Momotaro was about fifteen years old he went to his father and said: “Father, you have always been very kind to me. Now I am a big boy I must do something to help my country. In a distant part of the sea there is an island named Ogre island. Many wicked ogres live there, and they often come to our land to do bad things like carrying people away and stealing their things. So I’m going to go to ogre island andfight them and bring back the treasure which they have there. Please let me do this.”The old man was surprised to hear this, but he was so very proud of Momotaro for wanting to help other people. So he and the old woman helped Momotaro get ready for his journey to ogre island. The old man gave him a sword and armour, and the old woman fixed him a good lunch of millet dumplings. Then Momotaro began his journey, promising his parents that he would come back soon. Momotaro went walking toward the sea. It was a long way. As he went along he met a spotted dog. The dog growled at Momotaro and was about to bite him, but then Momotaro gave him one of the dumplings. He told the spotted dog that he was going to fight the ogres on ogre island. So the dog said he’d go along too and help momotaro.Momotaro and the spotted dog kept on walking and soon they met a monkey. The spotted dog and the monkey started to have a fight. But Momotaro explained to the monkey that he and the spotted dog were goign to fight the ogres on ogre island. Then the monkey asked if he couldn’t go with them. So Momotaro gave the monkey a dumpling and let the monkey come with them. Momotaro and the spotted dog and the monkey kept on walking. Suddenly they met a pheasant. The spotted dog and the monkey and the pheasant were about to start fighting, but when the pheasant heard that Momotaro was going to fight the ogres on ogre island, he asked if he could go too. So Momotaro gave the pheasant a dumpling and told him to come along. So, with Momotaro as their general, the spotted dog and the monkey and the pheasant, who usually hated each other, all become good friends and followed Momotaro faithfully. They walked a long, long way, and finally reached the sea. At the edge of the sea Momotaro built a boat. They all got in the boat and started across the sea towards Ogre Island. When they became within sight of the island, they could see that the ogres had a very strong fort there, and there were many many ogres. Some of them were red, some blue, some black. First the pheasant flew over the walls of the fort and began to peck at the ogres heads. They all tried to hit the pheasant with their clubs, but he was very quick and dodged all of their blows. And while the ogres werebn’t looking, the monkey slipped up and opened the gate of the fort. Then Momotaro and the spotted dog rushed into the fort and started fighting the ogres too. It was a terrible battle! The pheasant pecked at the heads and eyes of the wicked ogres, and the monkey clawed at them, and the spotted dog bit them and Momotaro cut them with his sword. At last the ogres were completely defeated. They all bowed down low to Momotaro and promised never to do wicked things again. Then they brought Momotaro all the treasure they had stored in the fort.It was the most wonderful treasure you could imagine. There was much gold and silver and many precious jewels. There was an invisible coat and hat, and a hammer that made a piece of gold every time you hit it on the ground, and many other wonderful things. Momotaro and his three helpers carried all this in their boat back to the land, then they made a cart and put all the treasure in the cart and pulled it back to Momotaros house. How happy the old man and woman were when they saw their son return safely from ogre island! They were very very rich now with all the treasure momotaro had brought, and they all lived together very very happily.

The end.

Hello today!

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Hello everyone! Thought I might make a little blog about today. I wore my Nekomimi neurowave cat ears today!
They’re special cat ears that wiggle and move according to your brainwaves. When you are very focused, they perk up! When you are very relaxed, they settle down, and when you are a little focused, they wiggle! Its very cute. ^o^

Played some HKO, as you know, I have two accounts, Lushrocker and Faeline, and my Lushrocker one has the name The-sugar-pixie.
Because sugar pixies are the cutest too. Hehe.

Playing on Faeline today, on Lushrocker I am mostly earning money as best I can. I need more inventory space though, so things are going slowly on there, and a lot of it is waiting for more inventory space. Hehe. ^^ So I am currently playing on Faeline a lot.
I am also thinking of making a guild!
I want to call it the Itty bitty hello kitty comittee!
Though I don’t know if that many letters are allowed…I could call it TIBHKC?
But it looks kinda like an angry sneeze when I put it like that. >.

It’s been a while!

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Hi everyone! I missed you all very much! How are you? My internet was gone for a super long time, but I am back now, and can’t wait to play again!

I love my blog! ^_^

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

I have yet to fullt Decide what to use this blog for…I am sure when I open my Cafe’, it will be for that! ^-^

Until then, I just like posting! Hello everyone who reads this, thanks for seeing my blog!

Today, I’m thinking about which format is best for videos to put on the sanriotown version of youtube thingy. It’s cute, and I can make videos of just about anything. Even music videos if you like,  so if you email me a youtube  link, and what format you want it in, i’ll upload it to the videoplace for you.

I am thinking of uploading all the my little pony episodes for ya ^_^

A game I would love to see on ds. ^_^

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

A game I loved for ages on ds was animalcrossing. very cute, very peacefull, and yeah…

Anyway, I always thoughbt it would be fun to have a hello kitty version!

So instead of a normal mouse friend, youd get neighbours like joey, hello kitty, my melody and cinnamon walking around ^-^

Tom nook can be tammy I think it is..

I don’t know turtles in the hello kitty world but I figure it’s all doable…

Anyway, I just think it would be cute to do ^_^

Hello everyone!

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Hello my dear kitty girls and guys.

Today I have written a post on the message boards about countries, please post in it, It’s fun to learn about other cultures and languages. ^_^

In HKO, I have donated lots of event items to…uhm…love something. I will remember when I get on there. xD But yes, if you see her, trade her some clothes! o.o!

I’m so sad, I was offered those angel wings I want to smuch, and they’re non-transferrable.


I dropped it trying to get rid of some smithereens…the gm’s said iff i drop it I can’t get it back. x.x Sucks so much.

So everyone, what is your favourtie pet? perhaps you have made one up, or have your favorutie? lets talk about them ^^

Mine is my Darling pandichi. I am trying to think of a name for it though..something clever.

I wanna call it Kuchi. Or kuchikopo. =D

But i mean, what is a clever name for something black and white? cookies and milk? Uhm.,…Total blank here ^^”"

Anyway, lemme know if you think of anything, baibai ^^;;

-Still pretending people actually read this blog xD-

Hello kitty magic moving ears!

by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Check it out, they arent exactly hello kitty, but put a bow on them, and presto!

They move according to brainwaves and your feelings. If you are sad, they go flat, if you are alert, they perk up!



by lushrocker:hellokitty.com

Loveley. Im back online…for like…a day or two.

And i got pizza, best day ever. I love playing this game so much.


Thoughts of the day :

Glad to be back for a little bit, im thinking of making hello kitty profile info pages for my blog, each day, new page, as i dont know what to do with it yet. It can be for all characters, like tippy, or tracy that isnt on sanriotown, and such!

Questions, can you answer?:

Will the item mall items be changed, I hope not, as there are a few htings i have been waiting to get forever!!!

If anyone gets spare stuff for hko event, please trade me <33

Anyway, love you all, i miss you pancake bandits.

Happy birthday, hello kitty, and mimmy! (kitties sister!!))

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