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The most complete HKO GM list you’ve ever seen… hopefully


First of all I wanna clarify that I’m not participating in the event. I started this list a few months ago… um, I don’t really know why. Most likely just for fun. But when I heard about the GM Hunt event, I thought it will be the best opportunity to present my researches. So… dunno, take a look If you wanna. =)


GMs from CB and FB are marked as Approved or Unproved, since I wasn’t there and don’t know them. Unproved IDentity means I’m not even sure If they were real GMs. GMs from OB are marked as Active or Former. GMs marked as ‘Prolly‘ may had been listed under the wrong server. There may be a lot of mistakes, I was a bit confused at the end…
I forgot to bookmark the sources, but most of the informations are from several HKO blogs.


136 GMs in total so far. (Counting the names and not the people.)

Closed Beta (2008. april 23. – 2008. june 1.)

GM_Ahoycat (Approved)

GM_Calealen (Approved, later in FB)

GM - Dennis (Approved)

GM - Dom (Approved)

GM - Emma (Approved)

GM - Eunice (Approved)

GM - Fai (Approved)

GM - Green (Approved)

GM - Hak (Approved)

GM_Head (Approved)

[GM] Kacar (Unproved ID, but she has the ‘GM T-Shirt’)

GM - Kinson (Approved)

GM - Mana (Approved)

GM - MoMo (Approved)

GM - NIC (Approved)

GM - PERRY (Approved)

GM - RoAN (Approved, later in FB)

GM-Tadakatsu (Approved)

GM - WinWin (Approved)

GM - Woz (Approved)

GM - Yama (Approved)

Founders Beta (2008. october 8. – 2008. november 8.)

GM-Abby (Approved, formerly in CB, later on NA)

GM-AVA (Approved)

GM-Bacon (Approved, formerly in CB, later on Global/Inter)

GM-Brian (Approved)

GM-Christie (Approved)

GM-Dark aka Wayne (Approved)

GM-Headphone (Unproved ID)

Kev (Approved, formerly in CB as ‘GM-Kev’)

GM-Layla (Approved)

GM-mickey (Approved, later on NA as a male)

GM-Miyaw (Approved, later on Global/Inter)

GM-Neverender (Approved, formerly in CB)

GM-Sabrina (Approved)

Gm-Salvador (Approved)

GM-T-Rex (Approved, later on NA)

GM-Tsubasa aka Wayne (Approved)

GM-Wayne aka Dark aka Tsubasa (Approved)

Rescue Squad (Not counted as GMs)

Rescue-01 (Approved)

Rescue-02 (Approved)

Rescue-03 (Approved)

Open Beta (2009. february 12.)



GM-Ackee (Event GM)

GM-Apricot (Former)

GM-Avocado (Former)

GM-Bacuri (Event GM)

GM-Blackberry (Former)

GM-Candy (Prolly)

GM-Cashew (Active)

GM-Clove (Event GM)

GM-Dewberry (Former)

GM-Grapefruit (Former)

GM-Huckleberry (Former)

GM-Jujube (Active)

GM_Kali (Former)

GM-Kiwi (Former)

GM-Lapis (Former)

GM-Lightning (Former)

GM-Lime (Active)

GM-Limeh (Former)

GM-Lychee (Active)

GM-Mango (Former)

GM-Master (Former)

GM_MorningBell (Former)

GM-Nectarine (Event GM)

GM-Orange (Former)

GM-PawPaw (Former)

GM-Peach (Former)

GM-Persimmon (Former)

GMPirate (Former)

GM-Pitaya (Constant)

GM-Pomelo (Active)

GM-Prune (Former)

GM-Quince (Active)

GM-RamboTan (Former)

GM-Stepwise  (Former) 

GM-Strawberry (Former)

GM-Tangerine (Active)

GM-Tomato (Former)

GM-Watermelon (Former)

GM-Yuzu (Event GM)


Wonderful (English)

GM-Asvaldr (Event GM)

GM-Axel (Former)

GM-Azrael (Former)

GM-Ben (Former, also on NA)

GM-Blasty (Event GM)

GM-Bubbles (Former)

GM-Cerium (Former)

GM-Chamomile (Active)

GM-Chrysolite (Former)

GM-Destiny (Active)

GM-Dynwaren (Event GM)

GM-Galatea (Active)

GM-Heine (Active)

GM-Lance  (Event GM) 

GM-Mickalinn  (Event GM) 

GM-Moonlight (Former)

GM-Naicha (Active)

GM-Plutonium (Former)

GM-Promethium (Former)

GM-Red (Former, also on NA)

GM-Silver (Former)

GM-Skyline (Active)

GM-Sphinx (Constant)

GM-Xachary (Former)

GM-Zel (Active, formerly in FB)

Fantasy (German)

GM-Antimony (Active)

GM-Argon (Prolly)

GM-Elenari (Prolly)

GM-Ferro (Active)

GM-Ferrous (Former)

GM-Krypton (Active)

Kuriguri (Former)

GM-Nairobi (Former, unproved ID)

GM-Nich (Former)

GM-Panakeia (Former, unproved ID)

GM-Rhodium (Active)

GM-Selenium (Active)

GM-Titanium (Active)

GM-Weizh (Former)

Amazing (French)

GM-Alexandrite (Active)

GM-Amethyst (Active)

GM-Heliotrope (Prolly)

GM-Moonstone (Prolly)

GM-Obsidian (Active)

GM-Peridot (Active)

GM-Tanzanite (Active)

GM-Topaz (Active)

Singapore and Malaysia (2009. june 22. – ?)

GM_Cyrene (Approved)

GM_Jam (Approved)

GM_Kitolo (Approved)

GM_Magdalene (Approved)

GM_Mel (Approved)

Indonesian (2009. april 15. – 2009. december)

GM-Alvaro (Approved)

GM-Bubbl3s (Approved)

GM-LycHa (Approved)

GM-Momotabo (Approved)

GM-Moo (Approved)
Here I have 2 pictures, but only one name, so one of them could be Moo, I guess the girl, and the other is unknown.


GM_TankGirl (According to HKO Wiki)


by lumee:mymelody.com

One day I was walking through the East Zodiac Pass, then suddenly a big black bear came across my way. I knew right away that I want him. So I was hunting him for a few weeks, and finally I got its card. ^^

So here’s a little info. His name is Sergei, ’cause… hm. Come on, a big black bear? Who else than Sergei? He’s my personal guardian, we already had so much fun. Yeah, I got pictures, too.

Sergei from top to toe. He’s even got a teddy-stain on his back, ’cause, you know, every teddy has its own teddy-stain. Tho I think Sergei is more like a ‘bear’, instead of a ‘teddy’. He’s just not the care bear type, I guess.

And here are some of our great adventures. We were traveling here and there…

We also went in the theatre. (He’s already searching the exit…)

Then after all these excitements we got a little exhausted, so we had a nap at home. Yeah, you can’t really see the Zs above his head, but trust me, he was sleeping. Oh, and you can also see my brand new Queen-sized Victorian Bed, which is totally not fitting to the rest of the furnitures, and anyway, I just put it where I found a little space. But it’s there.

Geez, I almost forgot the last pic. It was his first meeting with Bubu. You can see they get along so well. (^_^) What a lovely picture, isn’t it?

My schizo apple trees…

by lumee:mymelody.com

Okay, so one day I planted a bunch of apple trees. ‘Cause I felt so. And while I was wandering around, I noticed something. My apple trees are just so schizo. They are pretending to be something what they are not. I’m sure they have a hard time figuring out their real individuality…
Further on I will call them “she”, ’cause I think apple trees are females. Just because.

Well, here’s a short introduction: See the second tree from the left? She doesn’t have a name, ’cause she’s in incognito, but looky who’s next to her. “Apple”? Pff. I’m sure the others are thinking she’s a total loony… and lame as well. Actually my personal favorite is the “Snowman” on the very right. It’s not even a plant. I gotta say she’s the most rebel of all. I’m kinda proud of her.

Sadly, during I was screenshoting, a mole wave came and they all gone. Yeah, life is cruel. I just became attached to them…

Click to watch full size.

My New York trip…

by lumee:mymelody.com

New York is open for a while, but I just managed to go there lately. Actually I started questing there soon after it was opened, but I got stuck after the second quest… =D Eventually I moved on, and my NY trip is going well right now. =)
So here are some pics, If you’re interested.

My favorite part is obviously the Capsule Machine. It’s so much fun, I kinda feel like I’m in the amusement park. =D First I thought getting pizza ingredients is totally useless, but actually you can make pizza out of it, and you surely will need them If you wanna beat the scary Sea Monster, who gives tokens, If you can… I mean to beat him. Looky that evil smile on his face. He looks mean, even when he’s happy. Oh, and walking on water is also fun, though I guess it’s suppose to be ice. =)

My NY Style

This was my first New York style, though it was a little bit chaotic… The pink baseball hat wasn’t really pink in-game, so it was kinda fitting to my brown bag, ’cause it had also a strange color in-game, what you can’t see in this pic, so here it’s just simply awful. =D My necklace is weird, as well, but somehow it fits to the golden border of the jacket after all… Oh, and the black boots seemed really unwieldy in-game…












So, it’s my second NY style. It’s obviously way better than the former one. It looks good as it is, and I love my black guitar case. ^^ A bit looks like a gengster, especially in-game, ’cause the hat hides my face…















Meet the inhabitants

Let me introduce them. First of all here’s my twin bro, Vinny. We kinda look alike, but I wanna make clear it, he’s the one who copied my style…
Then here’s Waddle… from the block? I dunno, anyhow, don’t let yourself fooled by his rocks, maybe he’s from Bronx…










Then comes Cappy. I’m not sure about his character, is he a vandal? And there’s Oswald, he seems to be rich. Um…that’s all I can say.










Let’s go on with Hobbes. Big artists are always poor…
And last but not least, she’s Blondie. Well, it’s really not much than a pinguin in a wig… Maybe ’cause all these penguins seem male to me, Blondie is not an exception either. =D










Phew, it happened to be a long post. Yeah, NY is exhausting…

Home, sweet home…

by lumee:mymelody.com

Okay, so formerly I had a hay-roofed hovel, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of it. Well, maybe i don’t really mind it after all.
‘Cause I have built my new Candy Cottage in two days. Yeah, I know I’m cool. So here are some pictures of it. Perhaps you wanna see them. =)

And here’s my crowded room…

Yeah, I know. It’s spacious. I’m tryna make a home out of it. Sadly we didn’t have chairs back then…

Okay, so as you can see we suddenly have a couch, and a small blue table as well, though I don’t really like it…

Then I made two wardrobes… It’s not so exciting, so let’s move on.

Yay, finally something interesting. =D This is my new pink bed, which I got from my dear friend, Chety! ^__^
And also don’t you forget to check my tick-tack clock up there with my magic lamp, as well. =)

Alrighty… I guess that’s all. And before anybody would ask why my pictures are so colorless and bright… only because I like ‘em like this. ^^

This & That…

by lumee:mymelody.com

In this post I will only write silly random things, like…

…hey, surprise sleeping moles on my farm… (See below.)

…aaand, oh yeah, some exciting theories about Bubu. Like for example I realised that he’s a boy. I dunno why, I just decided so. When I first got him, I wasn’t really sure If he’s a girl or a boy, ’cause he seems like a baby animal for me. And babies are just so genderless. =D But now I’m pretty sure that Bubu is a ‘he’. Anyway, I adore that he can enjoy even the tiny things in life…

Like my coffe plantation…

Or the exploration of what’s behind my desk…

The Cupid Adventure…

by lumee:mymelody.com

So, there was this Cupid event… I don’t really wanna say much about it. It was fun. As long as I collected 68 dyes, then I decided not to use them, ’cause I actually loved my black wings from the first time I made them. =) But who knows, maybe I will need them one day…

Oh, and I’m glad that somalian children got food ’cause I zapped monsters… among other things. ^^

So this is my Valentine’s day outfit. Besides it’s dark, I also felt kinda like a tennis star… Probably because of the white headband and the butterfly net… ’cause it’s checked… like a tennis racket. And the miniskirt had the tennis feeling as well. =D But I also had wings, so eventually i was led to the conclusion that I’m a dark tennis angel. Is that weird…?

Bubu. Just for fun.

by lumee:mymelody.com

Bubu is my Brushtail, he deserves a picture, too. Just for fun, and ’cause he’s so cute. (*_*)



by lumee:mymelody.com

I want a Burr, too. (*_*)

Just because.

by lumee:mymelody.com

I still want the Pongo Leader.

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