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Remember the Golden Jellyhound I kept on wanting? DeevFactor got a card and gave it to me. Thanks so much~

His temporary name is Avodorable (avodorable = cute like GM-Avocado), but I need to think of a more appropriate one.

There was also yet another Monster Hunter event at 10PM yesterday. Beetil, Dustfly, and Great Beetil cards were given out. I still hope for another type of event, lol. There are a few which don’t require much preparation like Monster Hunter, but aren’t Monster Hunter.

/too lazy to crop more images

Uwaahhh, there was a Monster Hunter event this morning. I’m not very good at finding the monster. There was about 12 people attending the event, with 15 hunts.

Bouquet was originally behind the anti-mole sign, prompting everyone to circle around the mustache tree a few times trying to find it.

And omg, Bricks is probably the best hiding place for a monster, ever. Lychee is so creative!

I wish we had more HKO trivia, Bring Me, or Loony Loopy Letters. It’s difficult to run around a map searching for a monster when it’s very late at night (even though I’m lucky that I’m on the Pacific coast). @_@

There will be another event at 10PM server time today!


And there was yet again, another event, yay~

This time there were 3 games, with 2-3 rounds per game. There were different furniture prizes to be won.

I didn’t win, but I did manage to fine Prune, which I think is also a prize. This was also the round where nobody won, haha.

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