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by Lucid

One of my favourite pastimes on HKO is to dress up as another player. In this case, my twin is Anya! The hat and shoes were from the Monster Scrambler event that I had previously blogged about.

I’m lucky and grateful to have a fairly decent (though not large) collection of clothes that allow me to twin up with many players.

I actually don’t know if the name of the event is Monster Hunt or Monster Hunter. I need to pay attention one day…

I arrived just in time today to attend the first event of this kind hosted by GM-Mango and GM-Dewberry. Thank you so much!

As usual with this event, there were two rounds, each with 10 turns. The first round was in Sanrio Harbour while the second was in Florapolis.

There were a few different monsters in the event such as Turkey, Tempura, Droplet, and the lucky one was Dandelion. Everytime I won, it was Dandelion, hiding behind  some kind of object. He disappeared immediately after being found.

Prizes included past event items from Birthday, Christmas, and even Valentines. I gave away a shirt, and kept the sandals and the NT emote.

‘Twas an awesome event indeed~

Tomorrow, the GMs will be trying out a new event in which they will welcome comments and suggestions on it. Be on HKO, June 8th, at 7PM EDT. I wonder what it might be?

XO and Kitty

by Lucid

I’m a Hello Kitty impostor (I do know I’m standing next to her twin sister Mimmy, but my bow’s on the same side as Kitty), with a love for Badtz Maru. ;P

Hat - Halo Hat, Xmas 2009
Earrings - Improved Ruby Studs, Paris Tools and Equipment Merchant
Necklace - Silver Necklace (1994), Hello Kitty’s Birthday
Sweater - Light Yellow Sweater, Light Yellow Sweater Guide in Florapolis
Skirt - Black Skirt, Black Skirt Guide in Beijing
Shoes - Badtz-Maru Slippers, from here
Handheld - Heart Plush Toy, Beijing Quest

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