Dreaming Wonderland
Adventures in the wonderland that is Hello Kitty Online


Dreaming Wonderland

This blog mainly focuses on detailing the strange wonderland that is HKO through the eyes of a not so intelligent person with a name inspired by dreams. There may also be commentary on SanrioTown and Sanrio related things, just because they are so closely tied to HKO.

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Any of the pictures posted can be reposted and reused elsewhere. No need to credit. Uncropped versions of screenshots are also available if needed. Just ask! Keep in mind that I do have the right to edit out the chat if is necessary.



I have been playing HKO since Aeria’s closed beta back in September 2009. You can find me under the name Lucid or Lucidity on HKO North America, and Lucidity on HKO International. Any other variant of my name is not me.

To contact me, please send emails to lucidlydream [at] gmail [dot] com.