Day of Exploration

Yesterday, I decided to explore HKO a bit, rather than sit around at Sanrio Harbour. Many players who have finished their quests camp at boss monsters like the Jellyhound in hopes of getting a rare pet card from it. I prefer to whack them to sleep if I encounter them alone. I haven’t been able to get its pet card yet. ;_;

I ended up walking all the way to Beijing, right into my favourite building - Prince’s Quarters. I like admiring the insides of buildings sometimes. They are always so beautifully designed. *_*

After sitting for a while, we went over to Kaylin’s farm to play a game while also helping gather crops. Lately, it seems we’ve been getting together to play games like this often. o_O

Kaylin had to leave early, so we had to continue our game at Glyth’s house. Glyth needs more furniture. >_>

At night, there was another one of those Monster Hunt events held by GMs Lychee, Lime, Dewberry, and our newest GM, Persimmon. I was able to find Cactuar, Arm-Pet, and Am I Handsome?. I like events because they have amazing prizes and it’s easy to make friends at them. As Hello Kitty says, “You can never have too many friends!” Events don’t usually happen everyday, though I wish they did. Luckily, there seems to be another event later today. I hope it’s not another Monster Hunt, haha.

The event ended after some time, so time was spent with a flower faerie and later on at the runways of a penguin named Tuxedo Sam before I finally forced myself to log off. I probably shouldn’t say how long I was on HKO. Spending several hours on HKO is rather easy. xD

- A day in the life of HKO

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