To cure boredom, one has to do something to cure it. And so, I decided to go give a friendly visit to some of my favourite boss monsters today.

I started off my journey by going to my usual favourite pet to hunt. However, it seemed to be taken by my friend DeevFactor! Sadly, I could not whack this golden dog today. T_T

I hope he gets the pet card soon! Read more »

There was another Monster Hunter event earlier this morning, at 3:30am server time. I totally fail at this type of event. Again, we had to find 3 monsters each hunt with 10 hunts and one round. GMs Lychee, Persimmon, and Dewberry were the monsters.

But after finding one monster, I usually have a good chance of finding another monster. Because the last prize was a dress I had from winning a Thanksgiving marathon, I only won twice. I did manage to find the monster 2 other times, but didn’t bother shouting out their names.

I like the anagram event, Loony Loopy Letters. Hehe.

Yesterday, I decided to explore HKO a bit, rather than sit around at Sanrio Harbour. Many players who have finished their quests camp at boss monsters like the Jellyhound in hopes of getting a rare pet card from it. I prefer to whack them to sleep if I encounter them alone. I haven’t been able to get its pet card yet. ;_; Read more »

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