Goodbye Aeria

by Lucid

As this was the last day of HKO NA being with Aeria, I thought it would be a good idea to take one big screenshot of all of us together with our Aeria GM, Pirate. But, of course, group photos never work out well when there is a lot of people. So instead, this is a time lapse of HKO NA on this last day with Aeria.

GM-Prune, lilQpon, GM-Avocado, MidNiteEyes, Nuwen, Hime_Mochi, kirakira, CalypsoCafe, Starlet, Mikuru, GM-Lychee, DanceUnderStars, Zaphod, GM-Kiwi, Wormy, Tarran, GM-Pomelo, Irisarc, Cherri, trainer_gabby, SHIROSATO, Rini, Rikki, GM-Pirate, for3vergirlx3, Coral_Ivy, SugaCookie, SourBerry, Dragonfly, acton, CocoaBean, MRXED, Scoopy, GM-Dewberry, S0RA, Ivy_Roxy, Pascha, feena, shesroyaltee, DGlyth, Lucid, Yggdrasil, Ly, gleek, BlondeBlueEyes, keemei, Ypsilon, karenz, Kittynator, GM-Lime

If I missed anyone, please smack me across the face.

Good bye Aeria, good bye Pirate~ Hopefully our future back at SD will still be as fun as when we were with Aeria. By that, I mean good customer service/support…

Hello Kitty, Negativity?

by Lucid

I found this most peculiar novel yesterday while looking through some Hello Kitty items. It is titled ‘Hello Kitty Must Die.’ However, unlike the title suggests, this novel isn’t actually about going out to destroy Hello Kitty. In fact, it uses Hello Kitty’s name in the worst way possible.

Apparently, Hello Kitty is the symbol for Asian submissiveness and repression, because she is Asian and has no mouth. The main character in the story is trying to break free from these stereotypes. The main character is Chinese, but Hello Kitty is a Japanese creation. It seems that this novel might reinforce some people’s ideas about all Asians being the same.

From reading an excerpt and a few reviews and synopses, this doesn’t seem to be a terribly good novel. I would never advise a young child to read it, because despite it being Hello Kitty, it has adult themes in it. There’s a reason I’m not describing the plot in detail.

Even though it does seem like I refuse to read it, I will read it. To be able to fully judge a piece of work fairly, it must be experienced.

Paris is Tall

by Lucid

It’s true that Paris has the Eiffel Tower, which is very tall.

While heading back from a recent event, I popped into the chatting room to take a quick look around because it seemed so poorly unused. A great discovery was made! While the Eiffel Tower is indeed tall, the characters of Paris seem to be rather tall too. The chatting room has its chalkboards much higher than Florapolis or London. I can’t sit on it…

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