The last half of this event turned out to be rather boring. Ah wells.

There were quite a lot of dream fragments from the quests, so we could buy as many seeds as possible. After all, the seeds from this event would only come from this event. However, it seems that the issue of lack of storage was overlooked when planning this event. It prevented many players from buying too much. >_<

I’ve been to around 9 pinatas, so I basically showed up for the three times the pinatas came out. Quite possibly, this was the last pinata ever from this event. The secret garden reverted back a few phases after a day or so. I think this pinata may have happened after that or something.

Still, the final phase of both sections of the garden were quite nice.

I really wish this garden could be here forever, but alas, beauty never lasts forever.

Ahh, and this new announcement makes me super happy. More LP! ^o^

My intial plan was to gather everything from the whole event into one post, but I think it’s better to split it.

So, the Earth Day event in HKO has finally started! I was really confused as to how the event worked, even though I read over the announcement a couple times.

The first embarassing thing most of us probably did was think the Litterbug could be defeated!

After chasing it forever around the map, we realized there was absolutely no way to make it sleep.

Afterwards, when the price for that Greenifier was lowered, the Secret Garden could be revealed to us! On the first day, it was quite dirty.

I missed the first round of pinatas, but got to see the opening of the second part of the garden~

A little while later, I finally got to whack a pinata. No surprise, they were the same ones as for Christmas and Valentines.

Pinatas are located above the Cinnamoroll statue, near the trees with faces at the Spiral Woods, and near the giant flowers hidden among the Bushes.

I wonder what else is there to this event? Is it still going to be really boring, with excessive dream fragment rewards?


by Lucid

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