Legally Streaming Anime

by Lucid

Oh, a post about anime? How rare.

Today’s topic is… legally streaming anime! I am surprised not many people know that there is a whole bunch of anime series and movies which are being streamed legally on the internet.

Places such as Crunchyroll and FUNimation provide nice samples or entire series/movies to watch.

Sure, there are region restrictions (such as US or North America only) and sometimes you need an account, but it’s legal! And that’s a good thing.

Here is a nifty list of what series are available to watch legally. Have fun.

This series is being streamed legally. There’s also something in it that reminds me of something in HKO.

Um, this stuff was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had no time. Better late than never though, right?

Yesterday was a day of goodbyes.

The patch to remove the Valentines stuff happened, which meant Cupid would be going away for a long time.

Goodbye Cupid! We will miss you.

Yesterday was also the last day of my precious gold train ticket. Goodbye train ticket! That little piece of shiny awesomeness only lasted 12 days. 12 days where a notification indicating how much closer it was to its death every time I logged in, 12 days of fun train rides, 12 days of feeling absolute freedom…

It left a huge hole in my inventory where it used to be once it expired, since it disappears.  I hope I can get another one in the future. ;3

Yay~ The Valentine’s Day Surprise main event is done. I see a familiar figure in the background right behind that broken pinata… >_>

Right now, the quests for the boxes and roses are broken. I hope they’ll be fixed soon before the event ends.

The event could be compared exactly to the Christmas event. Gathering at a spot, whacking giftboxes… and uh… why don’t we let the screenshots do the talking?

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