As almost everyone knows, the Loyalty Points from Food for Friends 2 had been distributed yesterday.

For some, it means a shopping spree in the item mall. But for someone like me, I don’t know whether to buy something or not. Most of the item mall items are dreadfully ugly, but there’s also a few Valentines items which will be up until the end of the month (hopefully MorningBell’s guess is correct, because it would make sense).

I don’t much care for the Valentines clothes. I got XO and HK Valentines Day shirts, so I’m okay.

I was thinking of buying the Romantic emote:

But… it’s 3k! For an emote, that I might not use too often… But… it’s so cute! But… it’s so expensive! My LP! I… T_T

If it was 1k, I would have bought it immediately. But it’s 3x that. I am quite hesitant to buy things if it would put me at an amount that would make me feel poor.

I have to make a decision soon…

Note: My LP has been painted over by me. It doesn’t look like that in the item mall. ;P

There was another screenshot contest, yay! It was this one here.

I think this one was the longest I’ve ever taken to do a screenshot contest? I kept on chatting while running through maps.



Congratulations to Dragonfly who won the Purin slippers~

Clothes Merchant

by Lucid

Yesterday during Hide & Seek, I decided to play with the Clothes Merchant for a bit and sit atop his stock.

I can think of 5 things that it might imply:

  1. Lucid is a model for his clothes. ^_~
  2. Lucid has taken over the Clothes Merchant as his boss.
  3. Lucid bought out everything in the shop.
  4. The Clothes Merchant gives Lucid free rides on his cart because he believes the Sunbright Express trains should be free to ride.
  5. The Clothes Merchant is selling Lucid…
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