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GM-Avocado hosted his first event today! It was another Monster Hunter…

I did manage to find the monster once though. Trickwoo is tricky…

The prize was 50LP, plus a 10 Banana Split participation prize given out to everyone.

Almost as if the GMs could sense that we were becoming bored with the game, there were events almost everyday this week!

First, we had Monster Hunter on Monday. Dustfly and Beetil cards were given out as well as Great Beetil cards for the last two hunts.

And again, Monster Hunter the next day. Bramble and Leaftail cards were given out along with one Leaftail Chief card.

Time for a change! We had a good classic on theĀ  Wednesday of this week. GM Toss! Not many players showed up. Awesome shoes are awesome.

Pirate’s wish of HKO having more footwear still seems to be granted even to this day. A very quick game of Loony Loopy Letters was held on Thursday.

On Friday was the super special event - Maze Race! The prize was a full set of clothes. Shirt, pants, and shoes. It seems that there is a method to running fast. There are 3 factors which affect how fast you run in HKO, which I tested after the event. It doesn’t have anything to do with how good of a computer you have or your internet speed.

Most of the events had announcements about it in-game half an hour to an hour prior to the event. Kinda unfair to those who would have made plans to attend the event if they had known only a bit earlier.

Btw, an event at 6PM server time today!

Where is Everyone?

by Lucid

Ever since the download link for NA has disappeared, the server has turned into a ghost town. O_O

On a typical day, there is almost no one in Florapolis. There might be a few newbies around, but it is rare.

London sometimes might have a few people, but usually it is empty too.

I don’t think there are players doing much questing in Paris either. I know there are some who are hunting pets near Paris therefore they need to pass through Paris. However, there doesn’t seem to be much activity actually taking place in Paris.

Poor Beijing is probably the most empty. With the wedding outfits, Beijing Tower, and Swashbuckler/Spy/Knight sets taken away, I wouldn’t see a reason to quest so far.

NA needs new players, and ways to retain existing players…

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