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i just wanted to update you all i’m back and i havent forgotten about my blog or you all just thought i would tell you i am happy to be back


hey i decided to check back on my blog so glad you all keep reading my blog i will continue on my blog i will post weekly depending on if i have homework or not . so happy to be back thanks again Lovesart :-)

I found Everlife on spotify Everlife, a rock/pop group comprised of three sisters (Amber, Sarah, and Julia Ross), began out of the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. The three sisters started writing and performing when youngest sister Julia was only nine (now fifteen), and have made a commitment to go forward through their careers together, remaining loyal to the ties that bind and a mission close to their hearts.

With Sarah on the drums, Amber on the guitar, and Julia on keys, Everlife set out to play for anyone that would listen. Very soon, they were playing over 120 shows a year, as Everlife grew to be one of Pennsylvania’s most up and coming groups. They eventually had their first #1 radio hit with a song entitled “Lead the Way” on The Fish, one of Pittsburgh’s top radio stations.

Growing up with a deep commitment to their Christian faith, the girls developed a desire to help others less fortunate. They have already made many trips abroad to Central and South America, and others are being planned. “Those experiences on the mission field were the first times that we had to give God complete control,” says Julia. “Many of our first song ideas were birthed from those times.”

After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, Everlife’s fresh sound and natural songwriting talents quickly put them on the radar of many major record labels. SHELTERecords pursued them passionately, and after only a short time, Everlife was officially a ’signed’ artist.

Under the guidance of producer Kevan Cyka (Lifehouse, R.E.M., Gin Blossoms, Hillary Duff, Jump 5) and Dan Needham (Stacie Orrico, Steven Curtis Chapman), Everlife produced its self-titled debut project. Cyka’s multi-platinum songwriting/publishing history, combined with Needham’s studio prowess, has helped create the musical platform of Everlife’s sound.
“We love working with Kevan and Dan,” explains Sarah, “They are a wealth of knowledge and they always know the direction we need to go in before we start working. We are individually finding our strengths while we grow together as a band. It’s been a fantastic experience.” Amber echoes, “It’s been amazing to see how this team has been able to help one other while we’re writing and in the studio. We are seeing our lives change though this process, and hope that the music will have the same effect on people who hear it.”

Since the release of their record in August 2004 a number of milestones have been reached, including their first single “Evidence” which was added ‘out of the box’ to CHR Radio. Additionally, the single charted for five weeks on the Rock Charts.

Shortly thereafter, Radio Disney tested the song “I’m over it” on ‘Pick it or Kick it’, with a whopping approval rating of 83%, putting the song on the air. Disney continued to show their commitment to Everlife by adding them to a DisneyMania project, releasing February 2005. This project features core artists singing Disney songs ‘their way.’ Everlife was chosen to perform “Strangers Like Me” by Phil Collins from the Tarzan movie. Everlife is in good company on this project, featuring Clay Aiken, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Jump5, LaLaine, Raven, Bowling for Soup, and many others.

In January of 2005, Everlife flew to Los Angeles to take part in the shooting of a DisneyMania Live, a television program to air on Music Choice, Direct TV, and ABC Family. Everlife is also being featured on the commercial for this same project that will be available in August of 2005.
Amber, Sarah, and Julia stay committed to their roots and to one another, all the while looking to their next horizon. Everlife’s path may not be set in stone, but that’s part of the adventure that drives them. “We may not know where this whole thing is taking us,” says Julia, “but we’re excited about it anyway. We’re just grateful for all the opportunities already given to us, and are looking forward to what the future holds.” Whatever the case, it’s apparent that Everlife is certainly taking the music world by surprise, not bad for three girls from Indiana, Pennsylvania.¬† credit goes to http://www.sing365.com¬†¬†for everlife’s Biograpy and here is Everlife’s facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Everlife¬†¬† credit also goes to facebook for their page. (ps I just found out that their last album is¬† At the end of everything ) sadly but you can listen to their song what made us on youtube and spotify

this is what they look like credit goes to : http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com for the picture of everlife

I decided ¬†that my blog posts and topics should be updated and improved¬†so here are the topics that¬†i will write about new christan artists and postive role models that ¬†have been in the media and that are on fire for god and what to wear/what not to wear still working on the name and study tips let me know in the coment’s¬†if i need to add anything ps next week i will be starting school so i might not be posting as much i wont forget about¬†¬†my blog and i will try to post thursdays. ¬†:-O - lovescats

here is a message for girls everywhere and when i viewed this video  it woke me up. this video is a great video for girls and teens on 

Insecurely: A Spoken Word

here is the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3ke6RLP9oA¬†¬† Insecurely Movement is a revolutionary organization that approaches all facets of a woman’s beauty: her appearance, her personality, her spirituality, and her character. We love every woman and encourage her to become the best that she can while being confident in what she is.
You are loved.
You are valued.
You are beautiful.

here is the website’s


credit goes to : Insecurely Movement,  Hannah ,Joshua youtube

it is so hard to find a positive role model in the media  when i found out about  this women who chose her faith over her job i was impressed and i found out about her on her website http://kyliebisutti.com/index.php/home  her  website is about her testimony and her new book and i hope you love her website. and her new blog is about her  new clothing line called God inspired Christan Clothing Line and i love her misson which is to be a Good role model also here is her blog called


From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model: Faith, Food, Design, & Fashion with KYLIE bisutti¬† : http://www.imnoangel.org/¬†¬† credit goes to : http://www.imnoangel.org/¬†and http://kyliebisutti.com/¬†¬† and http://the-suit.com¬† for the picture of kylie Disclaimer : i don’t own the website’s and i am not Kylie Kylie Bisutti¬† this is what she looks like

¬†I decided to become a member of wikihow because I visit their website so much and I know you are all wondering will I forget about my blog no because a lot of you are wondering if I have a facebook or any other website well no I don’t have a face-book but I have another website that you all¬†can visit ¬†I am a member but keep all questions related to articles or wikihow¬† just thought I would let all of you know.wikihowcredit goes to : wikihow

back to school when I hear that sentence I think what happened to sleeping late and shopping but even though I love doing both it means to me that I am lucky to go to school because some people can’t or can’t afford to go to school and I get to learn to and this year will be great because I have more opportunities to learn about new things and a opportunity to witness to people because even though I complain about going to school I wouldn’t’ ¬†have it any other way and I have already got my back to school shopping done already bought my supplies and a new school wardrobe. (not trying to brag just telling you)¬† anyway to prepare for back to school I watch binder organization video’s to prepare to do my best this year and I don’t mind being called a Geek because I love embracing my inner Geek. and I love seeing you all comment on my blog telling me what I need to work on and what you love about my blog¬† comment below if you are ready for back to school- lovesart do you love my signature I decided that is what I am going to do on my blog post if you all like it also if you don’t like my signature then just tell me below I don’t mind comments welcomed. :-) credit goes to everydayfoodstorage.net back to school

Nicole Live Video Chat Friday @ 4PST¬† and if you are wondering who is Nicole? then you can learn more about her here : http://www.projectinspired.com/about-nicole/¬†¬† and what she talks about in her video chat’s is her God talks, and when she does her God talk ¬†she shares¬† what message God wanted her to tell us¬† and she shares sciptures with us and¬† she once showed us her closet¬† in her house .and you can ask ¬† her¬†questions¬†.¬†her ¬†video chat’s are great but in order to attend her video chat you¬† have to register and membership is free here is the link to join : http://www.projectinspired.com/register/¬†¬†¬† after¬† you register you can join the chat and here is the link to join the chat : http://www.projectinspired.com/video-chat/¬†¬†¬†¬†disclaimer:¬† i am not Nicole and i give credit to Nicole and¬† please don’t delete the links i want my viewes to learn more about Nicole¬† and her video chat’s which are every Friday.nicole-live.jpg¬†credit goes to Nicole and project inspired

when i¬† go ¬†though my bible and i open it to a random page and select the verse that stands out to me here is a verse¬† i wanted to share with all of you tonight the verse i will share with you is in (Revelation 14:6 and 7 ) the three angels¬† 6 and I saw another angel flying though the sky¬†, carring the eternal Good news to proclaim to the people who belong¬†to this world- to every nation,tribe, language and people. 7 fear god¬†, he shouted “Give glory to him. for¬†the first time has come¬†when he will sit as judge. worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all the springs of water.”¬† and my bible that i used is girls life Study Bible¬† New Living¬†Translation Second Edition¬† credit goes to the authors : Tyndale House¬†publishers, Inc and Carol Stream Illinois¬†) I hope you in-joyed this.¬†and also it depends on what kind of bible¬†you have ¬†also when you look this passge up in your bible it maybe worded diffent.

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